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Latest Patch Notes[COMPLETED] Maintenance - April 28th, 2020 (29 days ago)

14 May

Updated May 12th:

We are still working on these issues, I will keep you updated as it progresses.

📸 Photo Mode Thread

14 days ago - Ubi-Lucipus on Forums - Thread - Direct
Keep the pics coming I am loving seeing them

📸 Photo Mode Thread

14 days ago - Ubi-Lucipus on Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally Posted by TOKYO_ROGUE
just need a tea and some scones.

Is the Mortar turret broken

14 days ago - /u/Ubi-RealDude on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Omitted-Wolf

Hey it seems to be attributed to lag when in a group. I have been experiencing another strange thing in the last few days and it’s the turret again this time it’s the assault one. It will just randomly refuse to fire and nothing will fix it. I had to change skills completely and finish what I was doing while trying not to get killed in a lvl 4 control point the last time it happened. Fast traveling seemed to make it work again.

Is this second issue with the Assault turret happening while solo or only in a group again? Also are you running any noteworthy gear set (mainly Hard Wired) where gear might be impacted?

Originally posted by blackpoeticinjustice

Environment: Playstation 4 Pro - ver. 7.50, LAN Cable
Application Version: 1.23 (Title Update 9.1)
Severity: Low
Issue Type: Visual
Frequency: Every Time

Action Performed:

1) Open 'Division 2' application
2) Loaded into Base of Operations (White House)
3) Fast traveled to Safe House nearest to "Ivy Tunnel" Control Point
4) Used 'Artillery' Turret skill
5) Inflicted damage onto the enemy NPC with skill

Expected Result:
Once the blast from the Artillery Turrets hits an enemy NPC, numbers appear, indicating damage dealt. The 'Bleeding' icon appears beside the enemy's health bar and a stream of numbers begins to appear, displaying damage done by the Bleeding status effect applied by the player.

Actual Result:
The numbers ...

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Here's a ⭐for providing such a detailed report, seriously, very appreciated.
It has been reported to the team!

13 May

Originally posted by SuperD345

100% haha

We're aware of the issue - and will work towards fixing it for the future... But we're not rushing towards a patch for this right now.

Targeted loot forced update

15 days ago - /u/Ubi-RealDude on Reddit - Thread - Direct

We're actively looking into ongoing troubles with the Targeted Loot Map resetting early, multiple times per day, and otherwise misbehaving in annoying ways.

It is intended to only change once per day.

Do you happen to recall what activity/action you completed or were doing right before you noticed it had changed?

Originally posted by HerotaleCreator

Yay, actual good things


Originally posted by Sabbathius

I wish they would include numerical values into the patch notes. "Increased damage" is utterly meaningless. Increased how much? 0.00001%? 1,000,000%? Tell me what you did! Look at Blizzard's patch notes on World of Warcraft. They clearly say "Damage increased to 8% (was 7%)."

We'll see what we can do for future patch notes!

I couldn't agree more. Probably my most memorable mission from The Division 1.

This will of course be fixed in a future update but hey... no harm in more people unlocking the new skill variant for now!

Enjoy it!

We are aware that this perk is well... let's just say not very useful for Warlords of New York players and we're working on a few potential solution for this.

Field proficiency caches coming back is one of them, but we'll see. No promises!

/ Johan

We're working on identifying the causes for this but it has taken longer than we would have liked.

What error message are you getting, exactly? Delta-XX? Echo-XX?

Precise error codes help a lot in troubleshooting this type of thing, and if possible sending over your Ubisoft account name in a PM would also be great.

/ Johan

Originally posted by jemesnyc

Sorry, but as I mentioned in another comment in this post I uninstalled/reinstalled the game (and all add-ons) and that thankfully fixed the problem.

The game freezing would mean that sound/video would freeze completely (no sound stutter) and it would happen instantly when sending a message via my Xbox phone app or through the console. Doing it through my phone was interesting to see since I'm not interacting with the console menus and it locks up immediately.

When frozen, I can still access the Xbox tray menu as usual in order to force-quit the game, etc.

I'm not playing any other games at the moment, so I'm not sure if this is was Division-specific.

I'm running an Xbox One X that is one of the early ones.

Thank you for your update, I will let them know.
If it does happen again, please feel free to send me a video :)

Would you be able to forward a video of it happening?
Is it only The Division that the Xbox freeze and crashes when using the messaging functions?

12 May

Is the Mortar turret broken

16 days ago - /u/Ubi-RealDude on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Omitted-Wolf

It happens on both bumpers but sometimes moving skills around fixes it for a short time.

Thank you for the follow up comments. I'll pass this along and keep an eye out for similar reports and more info!

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