18 Oct


Copied from Discord:

Hello, our beloved Fault Family

I am posting this announcement not as a staff member of SMS, but as a fellow gamer.

Unfortunately, and with great sadness, I am here to inform you all that Fault: Elder Orb will be shutting down its servers on November 1st. As many know we have been very silent for the past while, and we have been fighting hard for years to attempt to get Fault to a place worthy of the industry, and the expectations of our players. We were unable to obtain the level at which we needed, and we do not feel it fair to not only our players, but our staff to continue working on the game. There are many reasons this outcome has come to be, and we truly wish we were able to give you all that you deserve. We were always about the players and gameplay first and we have been fighting hard for the past few months to avoid this outcome, even with many of our staff needing to move on for financial reasons as w...

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14 Sep

13 Sep

    Baylix on Steam - Thread - Direct
CONTENT Avatars Iggy
Mastery Race Avatars The avatars for the upcoming Mastery Race event have been added to the game, if you want to join the event for your chance at some prizes, check out the event found here: Iggy & Scorch Mastery Race.

Exclusive Silver Extra Reward Avatar

Exclusive Gold Event Reward Avatar

Gamescom Event Content We had an amazing time at Gamescom 2022 and while w... Read more

07 Sep

    Baylix on Steam - Thread - Direct
With Ryan Red & Baylix attending gamescom 2022 this year, we missed the mark with our Iggy & Scorch content release. We always want to release a new hero with their usual build-up of hype, but with how things lined up, we weren't able to get everything done that we wanted to by our internal deadline. We also didn't want to sit on a hero that was ready to go, as we know how much of you want new heroes in the game. Over the past few months, the community had already worked out who was coming (and thanks to Baylix, confirming it by accident live on stream[] 😅), so we already knew most of the secrecy surrounding 'who was next' had already been figured out. Therefore, we decided to release him... Read more

20 Jul


Thank you for taking time out of your day to post your feedback. I will pass this on to the team :D

19 Jul

    Baylix on Steam - Thread - Direct
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the settings menu to lock the users cursor out of the application.
Daily/Weekly Rewards
  • Daily and weekly challenges will now grant Lesser Orbs instead of Matter.
  • Added Matter to Orb reward pool.
We are receiving amazing feedback about our Orb and Core system and we will continue to make adjustments as needed. If you wish to have your feedback submitted to the team, simply type /feedback into our #community-feedback channel in our Discord[].

‍Keep your eyes peeled as we keep everyone updated on the progress of our Epic Games Store launch later today. There will be no server downtime for... Read more
    Baylix on Steam - Thread - Direct
We are now LIVE and FREE-TO-PLAY on Steam!

There will be a small update going out with this announcement, so make sure to be fully updated before jumping in!

We will keep you all updated on the progress of the Epic Games launch, but we thank you for your continued patience! ⚔️

If you guys have any feedback or issues regarding the game, please join our Discord and let us know:

18 Jul

    Baylix on Steam - Thread - Direct
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to rent hero skins for heroes they did not own.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to trade in draft with rented heroes.
  • Fixed an issue with exclusive fragments not being able to be used to rent, or combine unto the full product without the item in store.
  • Fixed an issue with Cores using more keys then intended.

We have also posted the following update regarding our free-to-play launch and the recent currency conversion:

We are currently waiting on the Epic Games Store’s final certification checks so we can launch and go free-to-play!

Once we have an update to share, we will make sure to let you all know as soon as possible. Thank you all for your continued patience.‍

Also, we have seen the feedback about our new Orb and Core system. While we feel the new system benefits new players greatly compared to old,...
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    Baylix on Steam - Thread - Direct
Patch 0.17.0 will launch 07/17/22 for testing purposes before the free-to-play launch. Downtime will begin 7:00pm EST and is expected to be down for 2 hours. This DOES NOT mean the game will be free-to-play until the original planned date of 07/18/22. The exact time is still to be confirmed but we will announce everywhere once it's live.

PLEASE NOTE: The game will be free-to-play on BOTH Steam and EGS. It is not exclusive to EGS only.

Economy Update
With patch 0.17.0 we have completely changed how the economy works in Fault.
We felt that with the previous system, the game did not feel rewarding enough for the average player. This complete rework removes the mark system and replaces it with Cores, these cores can be redeemed for fragments which allow you to unlock many different items found within the store. Below we have taken the time to fully explain this new system to our community.‍

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15 Jul


Originally posted by chrisbru

It’s fine that it’s unsupported - I feel its unfair to DRM lock it though. I just want to see if I can get it working with proton and try it out. The deck is my only PC right now, and y’all also don’t support Apple silicon.

Performance is great. Battery life isn’t the best, but typically get 2-3 hours straight - as much as I ever get to play in one session. It blows my previous (old) setup out of the water, but that’s a low bar.

Don't quote me on this as this is not really my area, but I am sure it's because we use Easy Anti-Cheat which is causing that to happen. As far as I know we have not done anything our side to lock it down in any way.

I will bookmark this thread though and if I get any information regarding the Steam Deck I will make sure to come back and let you know!

14 Jul


All heroes will return, including Shinbi! Nothing to announce regarding a release date, but yes, they will all return :D


Steam Deck is not currently supported as per our Steam page:

This is something we want to eventually look into but we have nothing to announce regarding compatibility at this time. Once we do, we will make sure you are all informed for those of you out there with Steam Decks!

Tell me though, how is it? How is the performance & battery life?


Originally posted by FromTheRez

Epic Games Store? Really? Sure they gave us the assets, but after what they did f**k that. Tim Swiney and Donald Mustard can sit on tree and spin

EGS is where games go to die

Still available on Steam!

05 Jul