25 Jul


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A vacation? At the space rig? Madness!

Someone must have drugged Management's Skull Crusher Ale... ;)

We sure have some cozy jobs. :D


One of the reasons for the longer wait this time were the summer holidays. People are slowly returning from vacation starting this week, more next week, and we should have the last straggler back at the office in two weeks.


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But, but...

The HQ told me they send them in a farm where they live happy with tons of gold to mine... WAS THIS A LIE ?!

I assure you that they're all frolicking happily together on a Morkite dump out in the country side.

/u/Venomz17 Are you going to tattle about Santa not being real next? ಠ_ಠ

24 Jul


Being addicted to Red Sugar is a serious affliction. Seek out the nearest airlock medbay to get qualified assistance.


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Oh. Hmmm. Indeed.

Admittedly, I'm not a native english speaker, so have somewhat of an excuse for not knowing this word. But I can't help wondering what percentage of natives does.

I have no idea if it’s intended or just a coincidence. :D

23 Jul

22 Jul


Glad to have you with us, Greenbeard!

19 Jul


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What? You want an option to lock duplicate classes + had lots of fun playing a full gunner team? First, locking unique classes is already a thing in the game. Its off by default though, you've always been able to play w/e combo you want.

I think he wants an option to play an all gunner/scout/etc. game.

17 Jul


They're not free fonts - I know one of the ones we are using, at least for the roadmap, is called Heavitas.


Oh cool, it's that space gnome game! :D
(jk, Astroneer is great, y'all)


It might be under the mine head - wouldn't be the first time it happened.

16 Jul


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Dammit Gordün, this is the last time I save your arse after you headbutt a Detonator!

Hah, that joke has layers, because there's no difference between his arse and his face.

15 Jul


Does this feel like you have to press extra hard/again to make it shoot?

I just switched machines at work, and started to have this issue. I suspect it has to do with me routing the mouse through my monitor and not directly to the computer, but I haven't checked yet - will tomorrow.


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👉😎👉 Zoop!

Of all the places to see that reference. :D

14 Jul


I think you just hold Right Mouse, and then click Left Mouse.