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Are those new beards, or have I not unlocked them yet?

New beards, ya beardo!


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uM AcKshUAly iT iS aLwAyS aFter mIdNiGhT sO yOu cAn't eVeR fEeD tHeM!!

But in all serious I love you guys! No homo tho

uM AcKshUAly ThE dWaRvEn BoDy CoNtAiNs qUiTe A lOt Of WaTeR sO ThEy ArE aLrEaDy WeT!!





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Hey, put that video back where you found it!


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As soon as the mission starts and just as you're about to exit the drop pod is when V should be first pressed in a mission. It's the signal to charge.

Funny story. It used to be “Rock and Roll”, but one of the dwarves tripped and rolled down the ramt after yelling that, so now - as a safety precaution - it’s “Rock and Stone”. notactuallore

14 Aug


I initially postponed making the choice, as it seemed like an initial cash grab from Reddit. We don't see a lot of gilding and that's not what it should be about - I might reconsider it at some point, though.


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So is this going to be a permanent update or is it only going to be active in October?

Very much part of the normal rotation.


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Not yet.


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Ghost bugs that can shift between physical and ghost forms?



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Are they dwarf ghosts, or ghost dwarfs?



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The Ghost of Karl gets to help you?!

Oh please, devs, say yes!!!

I think you're in for a surprise.


Suffered how?

Believe it or not, the experimental version typically has fewer players, so duration is unlikely to change anything in regard to fixes. That's usually from the number of players.

Keep in mind we're still in early access, so bugs are to be expected either way.


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Prank halloween event, or something more malicious? Maybe UI or MULE malfunctions.

Definitely not Halloween related.

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Thanks, that fixed about half of it. Now they're really small for me.

Yeah, there was some leftover CSS that scaled it with a factor of 0.5. I have no idea what they were trying to do, but it's gone now too.


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never used mixer

It apparently also works if clients are streaming, so that's probably it.