26 Feb


I upvoted this. Bwahahaha.


No update since the 21st for Steam. If you're on Xbox/MS Store versions, it might have been a fix for the supporter pack for the MS Store version.


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It definitely is a modified repost of a pretty old image, iirc back from when Bulk Detonators were added.

Memes are memes for a reason. It's an easy connection to make, so I wouldn't call it a repost.

25 Feb


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What is your opinion on the ambiguity of the DRG classes’ silhouettes? I know this isn’t a pvp game like tf2 or Overwatch, but instead an environment vs player game. However, there has been some repeated discussion about this.

Can you elaborate a bit on this? Just to be sure there’s context.


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No f**king way jacob

That’s not a question, little dude.


Hello Miners!

On Friday, Feb 28, we celebrate our two year anniversary since going into Early Access! Tune in and watch us stream live from Ghost Ship Games, where we'll host a live Q&A and loads of other stuff.

We'll also be hosting an AMA here on /r/DeepRockGalactic, starting at 10AM UTC+1 on Friday, where you can post your questions and we'll commit to giving answers during the day and the next few days too. Save your long questions for that.

For the live-streamed Q&A session, we'd love to have some ammo to fire at the crew, so please post some relatively short questions below. (and save the bigger ones for the AMA)

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I’ve found three myself since launch. AFAIK, they’re not a spawn as such. They’ll be in the level already if they are there. They’re a bit tougher than a normal bulk, so it’s not intended to be able to spawn while playing.


Okay, guys. I have an idea. It’s a bit... controversial but hear me out. Are you ready? What if... the drill shot out zip lines?

23 Feb

21 Feb


Have your friend seen any? They are not common, but should appear once in a while. You might just be unlucky, or maybe you’ve missed them. Some variations are very flat and if they’re in a corner of a cave somewhere, you could miss it.


Practically floor leeches at this point.

20 Feb


We’re definitely going through the whole on-boarding process for new players and giving it an update + looking into how we present in-game features.


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Yep, definitely won’t be finding it underground a few weeks later in a detainment cell suspiciously close to a core infuser.

Y-yes, you definitely won’t.


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why don't we have these cocktails in the abyss bar?

There’s been a company wide ban since the incident.


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Is Steeve a friendly hive mind?

He’s more likely under the influence of pheromone/steroid c*cktail.


I don’t like how the dwarf looks like it’s the best idea ever. That’s usually how you know it’s the worst idea ever.

18 Feb


The detonator thing is an old bug and not what was addressed in that fix. The fix was supposed to have some monsters divert attention to downed players, giving the live playes some space to survive and revive.

It does seem to be a bit too effective overall - we'll tweak that.


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I might have to make my own, unless /u/GSG_jacob wants to get someone to work on it. I want to throw some more money at those guys

Stay tuned!


Not yet, but something is in the works. We've said that before, but stuff is actually happening now. Still gonna be a while, though.