Hirokoa - Midgar Studio

Hirokoa - Midgar Studio

10 Feb

We are very pleased to announce that Japanese voice acting is now available in the 1.2 update!
Full Patch Notes
  • Added Japanese Voice Acting
  • Audio fixes
  • Subtitles Fixes
  • Multiple cutscenes fix
  • Performances improvements
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Skill element icon added on scan UI
  • Fixed some UI navigation issues
  • Fix some minor issues on a few bosses
  • Minor animations cleanups
  • Deployed new NPC models for crowds in cities
  • Added Kickstarter backers NPCs
  • Cleanup Japanese localization

As always, we will continue to hear your feedback to improve the game. Feel free to reach us on ... Read more

10 Dec

Today we are proud to announce a brand new japanese voice over for Edge of Eternity!
In preparation during the last few months, this work was made with love by Amuzio, a famous japanese company specialized in this kind of localisation. And because we know you are looking forward, here is the cast members of this new version:

  • Jin Ogasawara - Daryon
  • Hisako Tojo - Selene
  • Kohsuke Toriumi - Ysoris
  • Yoko Hikasa - Myrna
  • Asami Imai - Fallon
  • Chihiro Kamijo - Theia
  • Kenta Sasa - Alpharius
  • Kodai Sakai - Vaughn
  • Hiroshi Nakamura - Derek
  • Yu Kitada - ...
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26 Nov

Edge of Eternity is 40% off during the entire Steam Awards sale period until December 1st! You can also vote for Daryon and Selene's journey through Heryon and drop a review to get great badges for your profiles💎

You can also follow Edge Of Eternity on ... Read more

08 Nov

Since the Bestiary Update late in July, we didn't show you some stuff on the working progress content. Although today, we are proud to reveal several new features that we have implemented as well as some other suprises accross the open world... Have a look of the trailer below:

First of all, four new enemies now roaming in the open world of Heryon: the Valnakraai, the Ostophagos, the Noir Monarch and your beloved Stalker. Designed in colaboration with the Kickstarter's backers each one have these own abilities and caracteristics to get you out of play.

In order to beat them, you are welcome to use the new spell families, like the shadow, the water and the wind. Combine... Read more

29 Sep

The Official Original Soundtrack composed by Cédric Menendez and Yasunori Mitsuda, is now updated with 58 new tracks in .wav format! What better way to dream than with these melodies?

We hope you will like it. Cédric has been working over the last few months to provide you the best quality possible through the mastering process. Feel free to give your feedback about it!

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09 Aug

Weeklong Sale has just started!
During one week, from August 9th to 16th (10:00 PDT), Edge of Eternity is 34% off on Steam! A new opportunity to take part Daryon and Selene quest to save their mother.

Threatened by war and sickness, the vast open world of Heryon, provides you an original storyline. In a long journey of more than 50 hours, you've to face multiple ennemies, craft some weapons or complete narrative sidequests in gorgeous landscapes...

You can now experienced the last two big updates of the games : the ... Read more

27 Jul

New feature: Bestiary
Added directly in your inventory, the bestiary lists each creature you've already faced on Heryon, their habitat areas and what they drop! Now, you can't miss out the crafting feature of the game🧭

AMD FSR AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates in Edge Of Eternity and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.

DLSS 2.2 NVIDIA DLSS version has been updated to 2.2 bringing new improvements that reduce ghosting (especially noticeable with particles) while improving the image, also the sharpness of the DLSS can n... Read more

24 Jun

From the Fishermen Village of Inel to the Technomage city of Tyr-Caelum, the Astryan Continent have a lot of stories to tell. Your next open world JRPG trip can be booked now with a 25% off until July 8th during the Steam Summer Sale!

18 Jun

Since last week’s release, we have put a lot of thoughts in how we could improve the game. Every day we’ve read your feedbacks on Steam reviews, forum, Discord or the social medias in order to understand how we can push the limits of the player experience, update after update. A release isn't necessarily an end, it can also be the beginning of a new journey. First of our efforts, we will polish the first hour of the game. A smoother tutorial, more intuitive and user friendly, revamped with better environments: we have begun reworking the beginning of the game, which seems have disappointed a lot of players.

This is the future content as it was designed today. This means that it's very likel... Read more

08 Jun

Here we are!
From the Kickstarter campaign in 2015 until now, we have gone a long way thanks to the continuous support of the community. Your feedback, recommendations, advice or kind words were very important to us to bring Edge of Eternity in an ambitious project. Initiated by four passionate developers, our team has grown to 14 members in order to provide you the experience you deserved. Today, we’re glad to announce that Edge of Eternity is out of this Early Access state to become a full complete experience. Check out the launch trailer below and start your journey on Heryon with a 15% off during one week.

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07 Jun

Hey, Heryon explorers!
Do you know what day it is tomorrow? Just one more beddy-byes and you’ll be able to finally play Edge of Eternity in its story-complete version!

The game should be available around 5pm CEST/8am PST/11am EST.
We can’t wait to finally be able to put the complete game in your hands! We’ll share more news tomorrow, like…say a trailer for instance, but also more info about post-launch content!

Until then, stay tuned, make sure you’ve wishlisted the game for the reminder, and don’t hesitate to pass the word 😊

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04 Jun

Originally posted by Homer Morisson: Same here, for extra clarification and enhanced explanation™:

Check out this older thread asking the same question, with dev reply and my dev-approved thoughts.

Short ve...
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You can play it now. We'll add minors improvements, bug fix and polish for the release. Your Early Access saves won't be broken :)

02 Jun

Русские субтитры можно выбрать в меню игры. Перевод был выполнен членом общины. Мы интегрировали его в игру в ожидании официального перевода, который должен появиться через несколько дней после релиза 8 июня. Однако будьте осторожны, текущий перевод останавливается на 6 главе. Официальная версия будет завершена.

01 Jun

At the release the game won't delete your saves. You will be able to continue your journey, but a little disclaimer wiill prevent you that you play from an Early Access save.

29 May

Non le jeu est bien prévu pour le 8 juin !

27 May

Open World Sale is now live
From May 27th to May 31st, take advantage of the Open World Sale with a 10% off. The world of Heryon include a variety of landscapes like plain, beach, jungle, swamp or mountain where take place +30 unique sidequests. If your thirst for adventure isn't quenched yet, there are +30 hunting contracts left for you to undertake. Discover the world, face its most terrible creatures and gaze upon its secret wonders!

Get ready for the full release on June 8th!
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07 Apr

After a long wait, the Midgar Studio team is happy to announce that Edge of Eternity will be release on June 8. The roadmap you've been following since the Early Access release will be completed with the arrival of the game's final two chapters: A Message From Beyond and The Ascent. These two new pieces of content will provide 5-10 hours of additional gameplay. To reach the epic conclusion to their quest, Daryon and Selene's party will have to find the famed mount Berenroth and thread the most dangerous Clockwork Field in Astrya.

It's all thanks to you!
As a result, Early Access ends on June 7. We would like to thank all the players who have helped us make the game experience better with each update, whether minor or major. Your feedback has allowed us to take a look at the development process to i... Read more

16 Feb

The fishermen's village of Inel is happy to welcome you
Surrounded by sea and mountains, Inel remains spared by the torments of war. Nevertheless, this peaceful village is not a restful stop on Daryon's journey.

Taking place between Chapter 0 and Chapter I, this new open playground is the best way to apprehend the game’s core gameplay mechanics. In addition, new players will be able to go in depth with Daryon’s personality.

This new content include :
  • A new location with the small village of Inel
  • A Nekaroo Farm
  • Some new sidequests
  • New main story input

Take advantage of the current 30% discount to immerse yourself in the universe of ... Read more

15 Feb

Edge of Eternity is 30% off!
Welcome friend! To celebrate the Intermediate Chapter update, the trip to Heryon is 30% off until Monday 22nd 7pm CET | 1pm EST | 10am PST!

Lead Daryon and Selene for find a cure for the Corrosion, a terrible sickness spread by the Archelites invaders, who infected the world of Heryon. Currently in early access, {LINK REMOVED}Edge of Eternity includes six entirely playable chapters, diverse environments and a dynamic combat system offering 60+ hours of gameplay. Designed in the pure old J-RPG tradition, {LINK REMOVED}... Read more