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In this meta? Probably, yeah.

If the meta shifts back to more standard Bot Lanes I can definitely see Perkz/G2 getting into trouble.

I'm not quite sure if you could always play virtually anything Bot and people just needed a little push to open their minds or if this will get patched away eventually.

I think you underestimate how individually strong G2 is. Even assuming the meta forces G2 to become more "standard" I think they've demonstrated they can play that style too.

They arguably have the best players in each role from Europe remember.


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I think the real litmus test will be when the meta shifts back to tank heavy comps. With all the tank buffs recently, Riot clearly wants tanks to get back in the meta.

Personally not a fan of this argument. I feel if anything, G2 have proved that they bend the meta to them, and not the other way around.


Something I felt veyr strongly about this split was that Perkz could bring more to the table than just ADs. The added flexibility he adds to G2s draft by simply being on the roster is something few teams in the world can compete it.

As an AD carry player, there are better in Europe, but as a botlaner, he's number 1 for me!

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Hi there!

To give some context. When a team or player does something that's a little unfamiliar given the context of the meta, I often question my own knowledge and I wonder if I missed something. Therefore, I wondered if I missed somewhere in old notes that the top resistances were removed. I had to focus on the game so I pinged production to see if they can confirm. I got a ping back saying that the resistances were the same, but they missed the small buff that top and mid got. These small mistakes do happen and while we do try our best to give the most accurate information, in high pressure situations it happens.

Thanks for understanding! My production team is really awesome :)

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you improved a lot btw, fantastic job overall

Thank you so much! Next time I will obliterate him alone :)


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I think drakos did the lyrics so mad props to him!! And from the rapping to the production.. Holy crap how long did this all take!! So much for for 4 amazing minutes!

Drakos does a lot of the writing and creation, I try to help out with the ideation, a couple of lines and I help with flow once we have a solid structure. I was actually really happy to be involved more so with the writing and creation! Hopefully as I gain more experience, I can help Drakos out more :D


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Vedius is the type of dude who ints as jungle but gets carried and types in all chat "better jungle wins better luck next time :^)"



Easy clap tbh. We haven't even reached our final form.

31 Mar


Respect to OG for even making it that close when the game was as good as over. Great series!

30 Mar


I think my explanation could've been a little bit clearer and with more practice I hope to give better delivery, but glad fans enjoyed it!