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29 Jul

26 Jul

Thank you for being there. You have a beautiful ship 😍 thank you for sailing with us K x

25 Jul

23 Jul

20 Jun

PINNED: Refund Information

5 months ago - BossaKirk on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct

I have been informed by Steam that if you fit any of the 3 following criteria you should now have received refunds:

1) You purchased the game from the 29th April onwards
2) You purchased anything from the in-game store regardless of time
3) You purchased a Founders pack and were eligible for compensation for the Atlas Coins which were originally promised.

Please check your inbox from an email from Steam/Valve with more information.

Any issues contact support @


16 Jun

Hey Bossa I have a serious question

5 months ago - Fureniku on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Any actual serious questions are welcome, however hurling insults with no real merit in a post doesn't benefit anyone. Locking.

11 Jun

Greetings Travellers,

Our largest update to Worlds Adrift will be going live after maintenance. Update 31: Legendary Warfare sets up the final chapter of adventures in Foundation with a host of new features including:

Brand New Map - Explore a new world created by 2 members of the CCC.
Territory Control - Lay claim to territory, fight to be the ultimate winner of Worlds Adrift.
Legendary Engines - These engines have amazing stats and abnormally low weight thanks to the special components they use.
Ship Blueprints - Save your ship designs and rebuild them later at the click of a button.
Ship Boosting - Feed your engines Moonshine to make them go faster.

There’s many more changes, tweaks and fixes in this update and you can see all the details in the patch notes. (https... Read more
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