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So my Synins vision is not working correctly, for example the raven won't track artifacts so they can appear on the world map but I can see them when in eagle mode. Also the raven can not distinguish what specific mystery that said one is when Synin is flying near it and cannot find undiscovered mysteries while in eagle mode. But I can discover them as Evior . Moreover the ping sounds for them go in and out. Any help or solutions would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I am running on an Xbox series X. I have cleared up my storage, reinstalled the game and ad ons, and reset internet modem to help out. But no troubleshooting as worked so far. Also not much online about this particular subject.

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@yippeekiyamhf Hello there.

Thank you for posting about the raven not tracking artifacts correctly.

In regards to this, and the ping sounds fading in/out, would you be able to upload a clip of this so that we can take a closer look for you? If you could capture a video of artifacts not appearing on the world map when they should, and the raven not being able to find undiscovered mysteries, it would be much appreciated. We may need to pass a video along to the game team for further investigation.

You can upload this clip to a video/file sharing site like YouTube or Google Drive, and post the link in your reply to share the video with us.

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Hello yippeekiyamhf thank you for uploading that clip for us.

To gather a little more information on this issue, does this affect all mysteries, only mysteries, or does it affect other things you are trying to discover, such as when taking part in side quests and having to locate an NPC, will the raven will narrow down the area for you when you fly by?

Have you always experienced this issue with the raven, or did it only occur recently after an update?

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@yippeekiyamhf Thanks for the additional info.

One last question: does this occur in all areas of the map? So if you travel to Norway or one of the DLC regions, are you able to find mysteries with Synin?

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