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I can start to play, but after 3 minutes playing, the immagine blocks and the game closes
Salve, avvio il gioco ed inizio a giocare tranquillamente. Dopo circa 3minuti l'immagine si blocca ed il gioco si chiude. Ho inviato delle segnalazioni. Come posso risolvere? Ho una 3060 Aorus Elité 12GB ed un I5 10600K, non credo siano miei problemi

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@esposito99 Hi there, sorry to hear that you are encountering this issue in the middle of playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Could you confirm if you are seeing the same behavior in the same area in-game or during any curt-scenes or quest interactions? If it has been random during your gameplay, I'd recommend trying following our PC Troubleshooting Guide to help remedy this issue. After exhausting all steps from our guide, you are still receiving the same results, could you please create a support ticket with your MSINFO and DxDIAG attached so we can take a closer look over this with you?

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Hello @esposito99,
Thank you for the update. I'm afraid that we're only able to provide support in English on these forums. Would you be able to translate your issue for me, in order for me to assist you further?
Alternatively, if you'd like to receive support in your native language, you're welcome to contact us on our website regarding the issue. Thank you!

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@esposito99 If you are seeing the game freezing every time during the launch of the game, I would recommend checking to ensure all background applications that you have running with Assassin's Creed Valhalla are disabled. If you are also running any type of anti-virus software, I would try testing the game while it is disabled to see if you encounter any new results. If the issue persists, please note you can also reach out to us via our Facebook and Twitter support page to further review this with you along with gathering your system files to look over to pinpoint the issue.

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Hi @esposito99,

I am sorry to hear our Italian support site is unavailable for help.

I have created a case for you now, please try accessing it, using one of these links -


If you could then upload your system files - dxdiag and msinfo to your case, we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours and help you with these crashes.

This article should show you how to create these system files for us to view -

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Hello there,

Thanks for sharing your own experience with us, @kilyan82! As you have created a separate thread for the issues you have encountered with crashes and the autosave feature, I recommend that we continue any discussion about this in that dedicated thread.

As the original poster in this thread has not responded to us with an update for some time regarding their crashes, I'll now lock this thread. If anyone requires help with crashes in-game, I'd recommend checking our "Reported Issues Megathread List" to see if we already have an ongoing thread for your crash issue. If you cannot find a suitable thread, please create a new one and a member of the Player Support team will take a closer look.

Thanks! 😊