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On PC, M+K, GTX 1660, Ryzen 5 2600X, NVMe SSD.
As shown in this linked video clip, regardless of the walk speed I have in the settings (right now it's set to 9 or 10 I believe), when Eivor's hood is up, they slow down to a snail's pace. In the video example, it takes about half as long for Eivor to walk up and down the small incline without the hood up. Is this intentional? Is anyone else experiencing this? It makes traversing cities feel agonizingly slow.

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Hey there! Are you using a controller or keyboard/mouse? You should be able to walk at any speed you desire while cloaked. I'm playing on PC and using an Xbox controller, and it seems to be working normally.

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@howdyprincezote We're having issues accessing the video you linked to. Can you upload it to youtube and drop us a link?

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Hey there, thanks for your feedback! I will pass this up to the developers.

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Hello there,

The development team have reached out to us with an update regarding Eivor's speed whilst walking in disguise. The team have announced that this behaviour is working as intended. You can read their full statement below:

We can confirm that the speed of Eivor walking while in disguise was improved with Title Update 1.2.0 and is working as intended. Full speed navigation is unaffected by disguise, but when walking, the feature slows down Eivor's walking speed.

Following the development team's announcement, this issue will now be marked as resolved.

We understand that this may not be the answer that some of you were hoping for, and apologise for any disappointment caused. We do not know of any plans to implement any further changes to Eivor's walking speed whilst wearing a disguise. We will continue to communicate all of the feedback and comments shared in this thread with the developers for them to consider.

Thank you 🙂

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