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I recently started playing this game again. but the game starts to freeze, sometimes even crash on me.
I don't know when I last played it before there weren'T any issues. anyone else has this experience?
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Hey there, KouyaDragon & stelkara1! Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about this.

To the tone of the workaround stelkara1 used, I'd like to see if running the game using previous versions of windows helps the game operate without error.
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Originally Posted by pkinderen
Same thing here. I hope Ubisoft can provide an update for the window update. No it is just unplayable.
Hey! Did you manage to do any of the steps advised above?
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Originally Posted by browneyone
For me the game works for maybe less than 5mins then my computer reboots. I've tried dx11 and 12.
Hey there.

Welcome to the forums.

Can I ask you to attempt every step suggested here please if you haven't already done so?
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Hello finacoles2 thank you for also posting about this issue you have experienced.

For these crashes, as Ubi-Orion asked could you all please try every step in this article here to help resolve these crashes, as this support article contains the most common fixes for crashing in our games - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-gb/Article/000061047

If you are still experiencing these crashes after following all the steps in this article, we will need to gather everyone's system files to do a deeper investigation and to see if we notice any patterns such as windows versions, driver versions etc

Please visit our website here - https://support.ubisoft.com/en-GB/Cases/New

Next, please upload both of these files so we can advise further of any troubleshooting, this will also allow us to send these files to our QA team too -

DXDIAG - https://ubi.li/msrxL
MSINFO - https://ubi.li/lmiCE

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Troubleshooting technical issues on PC
Troubleshooting technical issues on PC

Troubleshooting technical issues on PC
Troubleshooting technical issues on PC

Running games of previous generations on Windows 10
Running games of previous generations on Windows 10