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In the Docklands Import/Export menu the two top positions can't be edited. I can insert the goods into all slots, but I can't change the quantities. (Screenshot 1)
In general other such windows seem to be scaled incorrectly. In the Statistics menu the top island on the list is barely displayed, because it disappears above the top of the screen. Both bugs appear only when I scroll down and scroll back up. (Screenshots 2)

In the Palace the descriptions of the bonuses seem incomplete, as if parts of the text are missing.
In the screenshot there's just the text "Influence per module +10", without explaining module of which cultural building that would be.
(screenshot 3)

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Hey there, @mcetnar!

Is your game set to fullscreen, windowed, or borderless? Also, what is the resolution of the monitor you are using? If you have a clip showing an example of when you scroll back up and then you're unable to edit the quantities, please feel free to share this with me as I'd be happy to take a look at the behavior of the issue.