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see in screenshot that the investor level 1 skyscraper is getting POSITIVE panorama from the same-level engineer skyscraper (and also vice versa)
conversely, see that it is -- correctly -- negatively affected by the other investor same-level skyscraper (highlighted in red not dark brown)

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@hundread1800 Hey there! Thank you so much for reaching out about this issue. To get a better look at what's going on, would it be possible to also get a short video clip of this as well? You can upload the video to Youtube as an unlisted video, and then post the link here for me. Thanks!

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Heyho, just to confirm this is working as designed 🙂

Same-level Engineer and Investor residences are an exception to the usual rule: They can still positively affect each other.

When it's the same building/population type, having the same height does have a negative impact.

We're planning to adjust the info tips in-game to make this clearer.

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Hey @hundreAd1800, apologies about the delayed response there.

We do appreciate your feedback regarding the matter there and will make sure it gets forwarded accordingly.

Should you happen to have any other suggestions to share or if you do run into any difficulties, feel free to reach out at any time!

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Thanks for this @hundread1800 , I can see how this can be confusing!

We appreciate you noting this though and we'll let the team know!