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I can't proceede to Burning the Firebrand and Pricking the Needle in jorvik main quest . Ljufvina is already asking what is the progress of my mission even though it's not on my quest tab yet. Please help with this.

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Moving thread. :slight_smile:

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I’ve just checked the node and it correctly has a duration of 4 seconds. Perhaps you’re seeing some other buff expire?

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Thanks for providing this information and sorry to hear you are experiencing this in game, so we can get this looked into would it be possible to provide a short video clip showing how this occurs in game.?

Also, if possible could I ask whether you have been able to test this with another keyboard or gamepad to see if this still occurs using a different input device.?
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Hello zolee19721, welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about your experience.

These issues have been already reported to the development team and they're being investigated. Once we have an update, we are going to let everyone know through the patch notes.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your patience while we're investigating this issue.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know.
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Hi Yurusion! I'm sorry to see you're encountering this bug. What steps do you take right before this happens in order to reproduce the error?
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Originally Posted by Yurusion
This happens in many situations.
It often happens even with drones.
My speculation is that this happens when I use the skill while moving.
Thanks for clarifying! Are you able to reproduce is consistently?
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Hey @jesren29

I'm sorry to hear you are unable to progress with the main questline. Could you provide some screenshots showing your quest log please of what has been completed, and if you have any current objectives? You can take a video clip showing this information if it's easier and just provide a link to view the video.

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Expecting a fix for this issue in the next patch.

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Hey @ortzal,

The studio is aware that there's all sorts of weirdness happening around ranked points at the moment. They're working hard to resolve the issue, and they've already addressed this on Twitter:


I recommend that you keep an eye there for future updates.


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