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20 Apr


Originally posted by Complex-Barracuda-40

Hello team, does this change the option to be default only, or were there any tweaks on it? Because as a controller player, it doesn't feel like it works right or "as right" as with BF5 for example, there is something inconsistent with the whole controller input. So was it tweaked accordingly taking in consideration those issues? Then it is really big for all controller players!

Just default only. However, we also wanted to explain the feature for those who didn’t know about it.


Originally posted by xXCoconutHeadXx

The sensitivity settings aren’t going to be reset are they?



Originally posted by Behemoth69

I'm gonna come out and say it - there are wayyyyy too many aiming settings and little to no explanation of what they do. It's really hard in this game to find settings that work for you when you don't know what most of them do or how they can benefit/affect you.

That's solid feedback. If you have any specifics about which setting specifically confuse you then we'll get that to the team.


Originally posted by Bread6129

Any news about Cookie of the week?

expect more cookies in may


Originally posted by BFBulletin

Yes. Next update is 4.2.0.



Originally posted by panzerskunk

is the discarded rework coming with this next update

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Hello there,

As part of the next game update we're changing the default setting of Uniform Soldier Aiming from Off, to On, for both controller and mouse & keyboard gameplay. We’ll first explain how this feature works, and why we’re making this change.

What is Uniform Soldier Aiming?

Uniform Soldier Aiming is a feature beneficial to the process of developing good muscle memory when aiming. It calculates the amount of input it takes for your aim to move across screen space to be consistent regardless of field of view changes. As a result, it will always take the same amount of pixel distance on screen for a given physical movement of the mouse. This creates more consistency between non-zoom and zoom, as long as individual zoom aim sensitivity (e.g. 1.00x or 1.25x) has not been changed from the default.

It’s important to note that it’s not an immediate setting to improve your aim, but rather a tool which over time helps your aiming move...

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19 Apr

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@Prof3ss0r_M1k3, no problem. Standard smile EA_LeeuwAHQ.png

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@Prof3ss0r_M1k3 wrote:

it used to be posted and stickied every week but i guess they can't be bothered to do that anymore.  another legacy feature i guess

@Prof3ss0r_M1k3, this is not something we usually did. However, it sometimes was the case...

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18 Apr

15 Apr


Originally posted by i_haz_a_lyfe

Are you sure this is confirmed?


14 Apr

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