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29 Sep


Originally posted by The_James_Spader

Please, something different.

Ok. We are not shipping this.

28 Sep


It’s for play in Battlefield Portal only. But you can complete the assignment to unlock it in any game mode.

We’re looking to make changes because right now we’ve seen the assignment / unlock requirements for Portal are unclear.

    EA_Atic on Forums - Thread - Direct
@Ruggels Poked the team on it.

And for assignments tracking inconsistencies with kills and assignments for the new portal weapons has been shared with the team.

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Originally posted by BattlefieldTankMan

But now attack choppers which were already powerful against tanks will be even more powerful against tanks!

10 months in and the numerous tank issues from all round mobility, broken 3rd person aiming to general survivability have got nothing yet again.

We'd love to hear more feedback about Tank gameplay. We are reviewing it right now, so please be specific on where you feel the problem areas are.

I do want to share this video I came across. Looking at our data, we do see Tanks are performing well overall. However, we're open to your feedback so we can make further changes if necessary.\_are\_amazing\_and\_i\_love\_this\_game/?utm\_source=share&utm\...

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We are currently testing new Vehicle Categories internally. This means you can expect changes to which vehicles can be available at the same time.

Separating Jets / Helicopters is our first priority.


Originally posted by danmur15

i think i queued for 20 matches, canceling the queue if i didnt get renewal. Spoiler alert, still havent got renewal

Are you using the Conquest Master of Arms Playlist? It only features Stranded and Renewal right now.

You’ve been extremely unlucky if not getting that after 20 tries 😱

27 Sep


Can confirm, gang.

Please drop in your feedback 👍


Also new Vehicle Categories.


Originally posted by SuchTedium

Vehicles - 60mm Flak Weapon Pod

Damage multiplier to infantry reduced 0.47 -> 0.05

Noobs are seething.

EDIT: Overall it's a good patch.

No mention of Jets going into their own category however, which is massively disappointing.

We’re testing Jet categories internally.


Originally posted by zalcecan

Big changes to the attack heli which is good because it really needed some help, also really nerfed the transport minis so they're not shreading from across the map that's good.

And thank god they fixed the PF51 screen jitter that was so annoying. Overall these a good changes and I'm excited to try the P90 I hope it's at least decent

Please let us know how the vehicle changes play after the update 👍


Originally posted by xStealthxUk

Nothing about Stuttering guns while firing? Also no actual balance for the avancys just the bug fix wow... get ready for Avancysfield gun was already broken with the SMG hs multiplyer its gonna be so so OP now .

Avancys balance changes are coming.


Originally posted by anarchist-gofio

Let's see if the mouse input fixes are real before we celebrate having a functioning mouse in a FPS AAA shooter after a year of release.

Please let us know how it feels!


Originally posted by ZeroY85

Still nothing about the annoying ADS bug, very disappointing

Yes, we are looking at this once again. We had this “fixed” previously, but the fix failed.

Just letting you know we have not forgotten about this but and we understand how annoying it is.


Originally posted by Demon_Homura

AA and jet really should have seperate category. And Bolte/EBLC should have their own category, too.

New vehicle categories are undergoing internal testing.

Other than what you’ve already mentioned, let us know what you think would make sense.


Originally posted by rosebinks1215

Zero mentioning about Tank survivability or, at least Vehicle dedicated ticket changes, again.

Jets should receive dedicated tickets, urgently. Same goes to MBT, Wildcat, RAM, MAV, on and on. Current spawns are just stupid as heck.

Can you let us know more about what you want to see changed for Tanks?

The more specific your comments, the better. We are actively reviewing this right now.


Originally posted by Jlinz_20

So did we give jets their own category yet or does that need a little longer on the spin cycle?

It’s undergoing internal testing right now. No ETA for release date to share right now.


Originally posted by VagabondElio

A lot of good fixes/changes, but I wish they would have tweaked the m16 recoil. I love the gun, but it just is not up to par with the base game weapons in how it feels

Edit: also am I blind or did they say 4 portal weapons and only talk about 3?

Recoil tweaks are still incoming.


Originally posted by EON_007

Hey, there is a bug in the game with the free charms which has been going on for months.

Basically, once the free charm of the week is no more available in the store, then we cannot equip this charm anymore. The "Equip" button is no more visible. I noticed this bug with "The Old One" charm. But then the next ones are all impacted the same.

Could you tell the dev team to fix this asap please?

I flagged it again today to have it fixed. Thank you for the ping.