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01 Sep


We have just deployed the below change. To confirm, that's now active in-game.

Changes to Paik’s EMG-X Scanner are now active to reduce its disruptive impact on gameplay flow:

Scan Range -> 25m

Spot Duration 0.85 -> 0.07s

This means Scanning now acts as a snapshot instead of a prolonged Spot, while also requiring you to be closer to players to Scan them.


Originally posted by Nena_Trinity

Everyone wants to unlock M16.



Winter is coming.


We took the Bag ‘em and Tag ‘em approach here. Glad you like it.


Appreciate you checking us out, I hope you have a good time with it.

We continue to improve the game every day, and hopefully that is beginning to show. Feel free to share your thoughts once you've had a few, and hey stay safe out there, pandemic and all!

Ps; Get a wet wipe on that screen please! 😇🥰

31 Aug


However on a serious note, we are looking for feedback around the feel of those Vault Weapons, so keep that feedback coming if you have it to share! :)

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Thanks for flagging this!

I can confirm this is an issue that we're tracking for weapons with Automatic Fire modes. We are working to resolve it for an upcoming game update.

30 Aug


There is an AEK for Battlefield 3, as well as Bad Company 2.

You unlock each Era's version separately, and can start with the Bad Company 2 version:

  • 200 Kills and Assists with Assault Rifles
  • 5000 Damage inflicted with Explosives

We are monitoring and can and will make changes to Paik if necessary.


Originally posted by JM761

I'm confused by this.

He says no to server browser for AOW.

But...they're exploring persistent servers in Portal....

But Portal servers are already persistent, are they not? You don't get kicked out between matches and the lobby loads the next map while keeping the same players.

Did he misspeak and mean to say persistent servers in AOW?

Currently if a Portal server is empty then it will not be visible to anyone. If it becomes "persistent", then it will still be visible even if it has no players.