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29 Aug


Originally posted by out_of_toilet_paper

Really hype for season 2! I leveled my s1 BP to 100 and plan to do the same for s2. Renewal and Orbital remakes when?

Renewal - September
Orbital - October

That's the current plan.

28 Aug


Originally posted by RufusTheCat

Just a little bump to see if there's any movement on this one? Been playing Lis since Season 1 launch and I'm only at 180 kills 😩

I don't have any updates for you (yet) unfortunately. Things do tend to move slowly in AAA, but that doesn't mean I can't take a look at what's happening when I'm at work this week. I'll poke someone!

26 Aug

25 Aug

24 Aug

23 Aug

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@JRVolts, no bother at all! The Class Rank screen is quite new. Standard smile


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