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Hi @Ai-Fluffy,

As I mentioned in my post, which is only meant to help out OP and others when there's no official in-game support for this, this is meant as a possible workaround in these situations.



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Hey @pur0drl0k0,

I am very happy to hear that you & your friends are having a lot of fun playing the game! Likewise, I have to say. Standard smile

What you've described is indeed very good feedback and I can indeed imagine that in some situations, a squad/party of only a few people doesn't really work out if you've more people where you want to play with than there is space for in the party/squad.

I've been chatti...

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15 Jun


Originally posted by kennilicious

Any chance we can get a 24/7 Exposure Breakthrough playlist? :)

Live tomorrow, Thursday @ 12 UTC.


Originally posted by Tyler1997117

Won't dosser count??

Bashing with Dozer's shield does indeed count as a melee action!

14 Jun

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