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Originally posted by ItsTron29

What game modes do you play?

Mainly Breakthrough


Originally posted by Mojo_Lovin

It’s been my life mission since bf3 ti take the tags if a dev

I'm about to play a few rounds so good luck to you


Originally posted by Repeter_1

So there the development team is......

Hey man, allowed to grind the battle pass during the night right?


Originally posted by SuchTedium

Played with them yesterday. Sat in a Wildcat all game in Breakthrough. Didn't die until 50 kills.

Were you my gunner on Kaleidoscope?


Originally posted by Pixel131211

this guy is great. I played with him a few times and he always got like 50 revives as falck. 10/10 player. DICE might not be the best developers atm, but damn are they good medics lmao

PTFO'ing since 1942


Originally posted by DANNYonPC

ey niels /u/lytlb1t

Oh hai

20 Aug

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Hey @JRVolts,

Yes, there is a way to check this!

Boot up the game > click on All Out Warfare > in the menu bar at the top, click on Profile > there you should see your current overall rank/level and how much XP is needed to reach the next rank/level. Standard smile


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What makes it for you, with Rush? Is it the focus on singular objectives?

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