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17 Mar

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12 Mar


This format was one of the ideas for the brawlies, but we couldn’t make it work, so I’d definitely take a look at your video!

11 Mar


Hmmm, it should convert to coins if you can’t spend power points, could there maybe be a brawler who’s not at power 11 still? If that’s the case, then it’s a bug - and I guess the workaround is to unlock the next brawler to claim it Could you share your player tag so I can take a look?

10 Mar


That’s very actionable - your just need to report the message (if you tap the message itself there’s an option to report it) It doesn’t need to be in English as well, so even the first messages could have been reported… if you already did that, then it’s case closed. If you forgor 💀 then you can just open a ticket to support directly through the game and share the screenshots