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03 Mar


Originally posted by HotelCommercial

Can you blame them they made like 66 faceplam pin, 66 pfp and title(which are just word but my point still stands) for each brawler PLUS all the skin pins and more skin, remodels, new maps and that like just the beginning of it, my point is this is a pretty big update (and a good one too) we should give them credit for what they did do not what they didn’t .

I love you

02 Mar

01 Mar

28 Feb


New Brawler: R-T (Chromatic)

  • Attack: Tap Target/Eat Static
    • Fire a projectile that marks a target. Any damage to a marked target will consume the mark, dealing bonus damage
    • If split, R-T and his legs blast a strong signal, damaging all targets around them
  • Super: Hide and Seek/Radar Waves
    • If not split, R-T splits, leaving behind its legs and giving its head a movement speed boost and changing his attack to be AoE (area of effect). Destroying either legs or head destroys both. ...
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27 Feb


Originally posted by FunSign5087

So this is what it will likely look like upon release?

Very likely. Looks like it's using the wrong model.


We like Tara's Bazaar, ok? 🤷🏼‍♂️

(To be serious for a second, which I obviously hate, we're typically bringing back Tara's Bazaar around Ramadan when we also re feature some or the skins of that season and introduce new skins around the same theme - in this case Sultan Carl. But: I've heard you and you are right, the Bandstand should make a comeback!)


Originally posted by IReallyLoveVanilla_

U either gonna get them for free or they gonna be gone forever

I think it's gonna be one of these two options

Or neither of these options. 👀