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11 Nov


The functionality is a bit weird at the moment :/ As a workaround for now, they either need to invite you, or you need to create a group in a different game mode and then change to Mega Pig once your group is full

hopefully it’ll be something we can improve at some point!

06 Nov


Ngl, my brain read toxic and I was very confused. 😂


Awesome quality content! Thanks for doing this! 👊

02 Nov

31 Oct

30 Oct

28 Oct

27 Oct


You're welcome. Thanks for the nice map! 👊

24 Oct


New Brawler: Charlie (Chromatic)

Type: Controller

  • Attack: Yo-Yo
    • Charlie slings her yo-yo forward, damaging the first enemy hit and then returning back to her
  • Super: Cocoon
    • Charlie throws forward a bundle of hair wrapping around an enemy on hit, disabling them until the hairy cocoon is destroyed
  • Gadget: Spiders
    • Charlie releases 3 spiders that seek and attack the nearest enemies
  • Gadget: Personal Space
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21 Oct

20 Oct


I get the clickbait for views, but spreading fake news is low


hahaha, thank you for having our backs! :D
the calculation is pretty much done on a spreadsheet, so the number you see in-game is reading from a formula already, it's not an arbitrary number we just drop there

19 Oct


Originally posted by glassballsoficeman

Frank has stated. BS china is its own game and severs they have nothing to do with frank or the team in Finland, just because they have it doesn’t mean we do. Frank did said that if skins from China are in high demand then we can possibly get it but never said features like this one, plus this is beta.

He said that we may see things they do that we may not that however does not mean things they do won’t come to our side of the servers he vice versa

You're misquoting me. By default nothing that happens in the China version will automatically appear in the Global version. However, if we see that features or content from the PRC version turns out to have a great impact on the game over there, we will of course consider bringing them to all of you over here. ;)

This might happen on a different timeline or not at all if we're not convinced.

18 Oct


the account in question was locked 3 years ago O_O
is it this the account you are trying to recover?

Accounts are blocked for security reasons (when there's suspicious activity on the account, so it's blocked to avoid making the problem bigger)... theoretically, contacting support and answering the bot questions should be enough to have your account returned to you (even if you don't contact an agent). But if you haven't played this account in 3 years, I can understand why the information given might not be accurate :p


Originally posted by Zestyclose-Cap8646

Hew dani will we know what the people who get the golden codes wish for

if they are ok with us sharing it, then yes, if not, then we'll keep it private :D