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10 Mar

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We discussed masteries being task/achievement based, but the reality is that it would make everyone play the game weirdly to complete your mastery track, and not doing their best to win the game I actually had the same idea as you before, but we agreed that winning would be the best for the game overall

Since most of the matches are team matches, we must encourage all the players to aim at the same goal (winning a match)

The simplicity also makes it a lot easier to understand the system and you also don’t need to keep track of all the different tasks for every brawler

08 Mar


Originally posted by Simonirico

Dani, in Italian some titles got "worse" tho, for example Edgar was CEO of Brawl stars in English and AD di Brawl stars in Italian, which is a direct translation, but now his new title translates to "I am the ruler here", there are like 20 more brawlers with very different meanings from English now, isnt that the opposite of what you guys were aiming for?

We are ok with the changes now and we trust the localization agents can judge what translates better to each language/culture

In the example above they both have very similar meaning… going into the details now of what’s “better” or “worse” is highly subjective, so unless something is incorrect/broken, it’s better to keep it, because changing it to make someone happy, would probably make someone else sad too. It’s tough

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06 Mar


Originally posted by eman1605

If i could give you an award i would

Helped you out with that.


If you tap on that little heart, it'll tell you. So at least you don't hate an anonymous person. Hope that helped, have an awesome day (likely not playing Heist)! 🤝

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