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25 Mar


It’s probably because of the colors (the filter blocks things it doesn’t understand - for safety reasons) But it should be working fine now (we’ve just whitelisted these codes)


Originally posted by CaptainMiho

Sadly, I do not know if he has seen this art.😂

Yes! I’m seeing now! Thank you, Miho!

24 Mar

23 Mar

22 Mar

21 Mar


it's beautiful!
thank you so much! <3 <3

20 Mar

19 Mar


Originally posted by RoryIsAwesome6116

So Frank needs to be fired twice, once for OG Grim Island, and another for Iron Core.

Yeah, I keep accumulating these for some reason. 😅


We did, and as Kairos explained, there was a lot going on. Not trying to justify a mistake as it is still an oversight and could have been avoided if we were more careful, but just explaining that the benefit of being in a small and community centric team is that we have the freedom to change stuff in the very last minute if we believe this change will be for the better - on the other hand, for the same reason we are more inclined to making mistakes and miscommunication issues such as this one

But, live and learn. We are happy he’s not OP right now (a bit strong though)


Hahahah, wasn’t expecting this crazy amount of effort at all! Awesome production!

18 Mar

17 Mar