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24 Dec

23 Dec

◆ Balance Adjustment
- After this update, when you visit or recreate an island of level 5 or more, it'll have a 100% chance to be a Hell island for once.
◆ Bugfix
- The bug that merchants and Dark Anubis drop items every frame when they die while they're affected by the effect of Time Lock has been fixed.
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22 Dec

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◆ Newly Added Content
- New system, Weapon Refining, has been added. You can refine your weapon at a Refinery by spending the same kind of weapon as the weapon you want to refine and Refining Stones according to the Refining Levels!
Case 1:
Refining Weapon is "Iron Sword"
Material Weapon is "Iron Sword"
The result is "Iron Sword +1"
Required Refining Stone is "Refining Stone Shard" x1
Case 2:
Refining Weapon is "Iron Sword +9"
Material Weapon is "Iron Sword +25"
The result is "Iron Sword +34"
Required Refining Stones are "Refining Stone Shard" x11 and "Low-grade Refining Stone" x14
Note that you can only refine weapons such as one-handed swords, bows, two-handed swords. This excludes shields.
◆ Balance Adjustment
- The stiffness correction factor of the VRoid Model's spring bones is changed from 10 times to 3 times.
- Hellfire damage cannot be reduced by heat resistance levels but by hellfire resistance levels. Because n... Read more
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21 Dec

Weapon Refining system will be available in tomorrow's patch.

◆ Critical bug fixes and improvements
- Increased the distance of the player's damage reaction. (It's been unadjusted for a long time since its release of the game.)
- Attached modules will be automatically dropped when retrieving vehicles or buildings.
- Workshops will be continuously working even when you're on a different island.
- Fixed an issue where the enchantment effect was being applied to wrong type of equipments.
- Fixed an issue where enemies would spawn without spawning interval time when the player left the enemy spawn point and approached it again.

◆ Newly Added Content
- New Weapon Retrieving Rod is added. You can retrieve the placeables in the far places immediately with this.
- Status Effect Poison is added. If you are hit by poisonous attack when you're under Poison status effect, poisonous damage will increase.
- Poisonous Arrow, Poison, Antidote, several ... Read more
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08 Dec

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Originally posted by Soul Of Salutations: Idk for sure if this is a bug or just a annoying mechic but whenever theres a mono or what ever those blue waddling things were called in the first world in the area of a sprinkler it knocks it back and spawns another one right where it was over and over till the sprinkler stops, and when it turns back on the duplication starts again.
Thank you for posting a bug report ;)
Monos will make their clones by themselves when they collide with water. Be careful when you deal with Monos especially around Farming Plots, In order to prevent them from spawning, you can use Talisman Flag. This placeable will stop mobs from spawning around it.

02 Dec

30 Nov

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We have fixed a bug that should be put into the stable version earlier, so we have updated it before the next stable release.
Please note that the next update will not change on Tuesday, December 22.

◆ Functional improvement
- Removed the feature for the dropper on a large cooking pot that drops crafted food (Revert to 11/7 update status)
This feature will be supported at a later date by creating more flexible automation modules, etc.

◆ Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug that prevented automatic furnaces, etc., from getting items from the drop item slot during production.
- Fixed an issue where a dropper attached to a large cooking pot was causing items to multiply.
- Fixed an issue where the dropper was ejecting multiple items at the same time.
- Fixed an issue where the market countdown gauge was not set to 5-minute increments.
- Fixed an issue where a key was not assigned to the brake for bike controller operation.

26 Nov

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Hello! Thank you for playing Craftopia.
We are sorry for last delayed release of stable version for few hours.

Well, we'll inform you that the next update will be our first major update, the "Hell Update".

The next update is scheduled for 2020/12/22(Tue) 00:00 JST.
(The schedule may be late a bit. We'll let you know when it happens.)

It includes...
New Age, New 4+ skills, New 2+ Bosses, New Map "Hell", "Toxic Swamp", Collection system, Weapon refining, Others
(We will also be implementing a new building "Bank", a "high-speed conveyor belt", new items, etc.!

The alpha and beta versions will be updated on an irregular basis as before.

We will continue to actively develop Craftopia, so we look forward to your continued support.

25 Nov

◆ Critical bug fixes and improvements
- The change of Tumble
• The name of the skill Tumble is changed to Dodge Action.
• Basic Tier 1 now only contains Dodge Action.
• Dodge Action is no longer available for Equipment Skill. The following equipment will have different Equipment Passive Skills from this patch: Cape, Horse Mask, Boar Mask, Fox Mask of Trial.
• Due to this change, you'll be able to reset your skill tree once for free.
- The maximum stack is changed from 99 to 100. It'll be way more convenient than before.

◆ Newly Added Content
- Craft Connector, the new module, is now available. You can automate your production line without using Assembler!
• How to use
Attach a Craft Connector to a Chest
Place a Workbench in front of the antenna of the Craft Connector
A Workbench will work in the auto-crafting mode; please choose what to craft
Put required materials into the Chest
The production is now automated!
- The new... Read more
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18 Nov

10 Nov

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