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10 Nov

08 Nov

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Hey guys! Thank you for playing Craftopia!

We have decided to set a clear schedule for future updates to the stable version of Craftopia.
A lot of players have asked us when the next update will be coming.
We think making the update date clearer will make it easier for users to play!

The next stable version will be released on November 25.

We will also release Alpha and beta version the same as before.


07 Nov

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
◆Critical bug fixes and improvements
- Multiplayer: We have fixed part of the issue where players cannot connect in multiplayer mode. This improvement is for the connection problem when playing with Steam friends.
-Skill: The requirements for unlocking the highest tier skill has been changed. It is now determined by the total of the lower skill's points that is in the same category as the highest tier skills.
-Skill: The weapon's durability will now decrease when using certain skills (mainly magic type skills). Please be careful if you are magic type main.
-Construction: The bug where modules such as "Booster" and "Targeter" being placed in a direction that is not the same as the item placement prediction when placed on a sloped structure has been fixed.
Due to this improvement, the already-placed modules from the previous save data will be switched to the direction it is supposed to face.

◆Newly added contents
-Skill: "Dual Wield" has been newly... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

06 Nov

16 Oct

15 Oct

2020/10/15 Update Patch v20201013.2111

- Fixed an issue where it was difficult to pick up items that had dropped into water.
- Fixed a bug that caused the stamina limit to decrease in certain situations.
- Fixed an issue where some enemies could not be captured.

12 Oct

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
2020/10/13 Update Patch v20201013.0053

◆ Critical bugfixes and improvements
- Fixed an issue where it was difficult to pick up drop items.
- Fixed an issue that it was difficult to action in some buildings.
- Fixed an issue where the resolution could not be changed on some monitors.

◆ improvements
- Improved performance when there are many buildings.

09 Oct

10/10 Update Patch v20201009.2355

◆ Critical bugfixes and improvements
- The Stutus up caused by the Lithograph of Growth can now be reset.
- Vehicles can now be collected by holding the "E"key.
- We've made the cows "change" according to their level. We will continue to add "changes" by level for each enemies.
- Fixed an issue where the rarity lottery calculation for enchantments in treasure chests and merchants was not properly calculated, resulting in incorrect selection of enchantments from common to legendaries.
- Fixed an issue where treasure chest and product enchantments were not being applied to material items and expendable items.In the future, we will add enchantments to the treasure chests and merchants's ingots aswell!
- Fixed an issue where the enchantment lottery for items released from the gacha was dependent on the island level. Now... Read more
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

28 Sep

25 Sep

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
*This is a machine translation.
Hello. We're pleased to announce the release of our development roadmap.
(We'll have a clearer image version soon.)

Please refer to the following URL.
Craftopia Dev Roadmap 20200926 Alpha Version (pdf)

In this development roadmap, we've taken the feedback that you've particularly requested and proactively incorporated it into this roadmap.
If you have any feedback on this issue, please let us know via Discord or Twitter.

We will continue to actively listen to our users' feedback.
We're looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

For mobile user version.

... Read more

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