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10 Sep

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09/11 Update Patch v20200911.0119

◆ Critical bug fixes and Important Notes
- Hunger will no longer kill you. Hunger damage will now stop at 1 life.
- The items will no longer be consumed when using rotating saws, monster prism, and explosive barrel, while the world is at the entity limit of enemies and NPCs. The game will now show a warning message when using the items.
=> However, in multiplayer, the warning message only works for the host. This will be fixed in the next patch.
=> There is a possibility the bug involving disappearing rotating saws were caused by this. (If not, this will allow us to observe further)

◆ Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug where obtaining the item(s) required to complete a mission from a chest did not count towards the mission.
- Fixed a bug causing some combinations of negative enchantment effects to provide positive effects instead.
- Fixed a bug causing some player attacks to hit an indefinite number of times.
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You sent this page to me, but I'm very sorry, I'm not a developer, I'm just a Chinese translator.
What I can do for you is just sent your message to developer. And I think you'd better sent this message in discord, they check steam but not so often. They check discord more often. Hope this message can help you.

09 Sep

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
09/10 Update Patch v20200910.0147

◆Critical Bug Fixes
- Fixed several bugs including a bug where ore deposits change types when traveling back and forth between islands of the same type. (A -> B -> A)

◆ Bug Fixes
- Made the volume of sound effects correctly reflect the sound effect volume setting.

◆ Function Improvement
- Made it easier to place mining machines.
- Improved fall recovery. This will make sure that if you happen to fall under the ground, it will warp you back up to where you were last standing.
- Increased the display time of chat balloons.
- Fixed the respawn points in dungeons when dying to the last warped coordinate. It will be easier to recover now!
- NPC corpses will now disappear at night. On rare occasions, some NPCs were very attached to this world...

◆ Balance Adjustment
- Adjusted higher level enemies to have a higher ATK. We will continue to make adjustments to this so feedback is appreciated!
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08 Sep

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09/09 Update Patch v20200909.0229

◆Critical Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that was causing players to get stuck on walls.
- Fixed a bug where crops weren't working properly after moving islands or loading the game. (Although this issue has been fixed, some users have reported on the dev branch that their crops are now showing as TEST. If this happens to you, please report it on Discord)
- Fixed the generator not working properly in multiplayer.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed the bug that was causing some seeds not to work. It's possible to make rice in fields now.
- Fixed a bug that was causing sound effects to play from incorrect directions.
- Fixed the damage detection on "Triple Slash"
- Fixed a bug where dragon fall would not stop if you removed equipment during the action.
- Fixed some internal errors with skills.

◆ Function Improvement
- The [E] key will now be used to pick up items that you dropped from your inventory. This will pre... Read more

07 Sep

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09/08 Update Patch v20200908.0404

◆Critical Bug Fixes
• Fixed the bug that the buildings were gone when you moved to another island while auto-saving. We're terribly sorry for the trouble caused by this bug.
• Fixed the bug that skill points were not properly granted when your level increased by two or more levels at the same time.
• Fixed the bug that you couldn't fish at some fishing spots.

◆ Bug Fixes
• Fixed the bug that Axe and Pickaxe didn't hit objects properly.
• No more invulnerable enemies will appear when you move to another island from this patch.
• Life of the enemies will be displayed properly.
• Improved the collision, so Cauldron less likely sinks into the ground.
• Fixed the bug that Wind Edge shot 0 edges when no enemies were targetable.
• Fixed the bug that Anubis's background music kept playing even though you were away from Anubis.
• Fixed the bug that you got nothing from the treasure chest when the level ... Read more

06 Sep

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
9/6: Lots of bugfixes for SP and MP.

Singleplayer / Multiplayer:
- The market can now sell items at 12:00 and 24:00.
- Fixed an issue when catching a dragon that caused the game to crash.
- Fixed an issued where putting a fish in the fillet machine would cause an error.
- Fixed an issue where skeletons would say alive after noon.
- Fixed right-clicking items in folders to use them.
- Increased the hit detection on the axe and hatchet so it feels easier to use.
- Increased axe and hatchet damage on enemies.
- Chests can no longer be dismantled if there are items inside. (This is to prevent items being lost)
- Fixed an issue where houses were sometimes floating in the air on some maps.

- Fixed an issue where all characters were being fully recovered when someone else levelled up.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing non-host players from capturing enemies.

- Fixed some translation mistakes. ... Read more

04 Sep

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
Craftopia is released for the Early Access today, September 4th, Friday, 21:00 JST.

Honestly, we couldn't make a decision on when to release Craftopia over a couple of months. It might be better to release once we developed the perfect game. We've noticed that a lot of players expect much on Craftopia. In the worst-case scenario, due to the lack of playable content, bad reviews would be posted to Steam; therefore, we would not be able to continue developing the game. But at the same time, we realized that we are just a small company and it's impossible to develop the perfect game on our own. It's totally different from those big companies which develop fantastic video games. A brand name, budget, and members, everything is not enough.

However, when it comes to our team's scale, there are styles of game development:
- 1) Receive the feedback from the players and immediately improve the game to reflect them;
- 2) Develop and put the aspect of trendy games into o... Read more

07 Aug

    hawkward on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Thank you for your interest in Craftopia!
French might not be available at the beginning of Early Access though, we are planning to support French in the future! Merci!

30 Jul

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
Craftopia is currently in closed alpha!

Thank you for all of your applications. Also, thank you to all alpha testers for helping to test the game and submit bug reports!
It has been really fun to be able to create a game with all the alpha testers and everyone in the community, and I am grateful for the opportunity.
We have been sincerely listening to your comments and striving to improve as much as possible, and the team is full of determination and enthusiasm to make Craftopia a better game.

Now, during this testing period, we had to make a crucial decision. To be honest, it was a really painful decision to make, but when considering the future of the game and our wish to make the best game possible, I think that it is a decision we need to make now.

Craftopia's early access release will be postponed from its original schedule.

Please let me explain.
From the beginning, it was stated that "If there is a problem that se... Read more

30 Jun

    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
Today we want to introduce the building and the brand new enchantment system!
When you put Iron Sword into Campfire, it becomes 'Flaming' Iron Sword! You can cook 'Rotten' Fried Egg with 'Rotten' Egg! Whole new exciting crafting experience awaits you!



    urokuta on Steam - Thread - Direct
Hello, everyone! Thank you all for being excited about Craftopia.
We want to announce the current development status, as the release date seems to be expected on July 1st amongst the community.

We had initially planned to release Craftopia in Early Access in June; however, we changed the release date to July for the following reasons: 1) we started working remotely on this project due to COVID-19; 2) we received way more responses than we expected. Unfortunately, working from home has drastically affected the development schedule and caused the delay, although it's expected that we will have the Closed Alpha Test in July.

On the other hand, we haven't decided when to start Early Access. Early Access is generally for the games to receive feedback from players before all features get implemented. But our game Craftopia is the game where you can do everything you have ever imagined. To meet players' expectations, we would like to develop and prepare as many features ... Read more

18 Jun

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Originally posted by Blue: ?
Thank you for your interest in Craftopia. We haven't decided yet as I previously answered in

05 Jun

03 Jun

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Originally posted by RagingEin: I'm glad they included dual wielding options because I'm ambidextrous :winter2019joyfultearsyul:
Happy to hear that! Hope you'll like and enjoy dual-wielding ;)
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Originally posted by Heroine Nisa: Oh? So we're gonna get right-handed weapons? That's great to hear I'll be looking forward to seeing that! I'll keep a close eye as this game looks pretty fun ^^
Yes! There will be right-handed weapons as well! We sincerely hope you'll enjoy them when it's out ;)
    hawkward on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Heroine Nisa: Noticed everyone has lefty animations, and would like to know if there is mirror animations to be able to hold and use weapons with the right hand.
Thank you for expressing your interest!
There will be left-handed weapons, right-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, dual-wielding weapons in our plan. The one-handed sword is a left-handed weapon, but you can equip it to both of your hands when you're dual-wielding.
NOTE: you can NOT equip a one-handed sword only to your right hand.
We recognize this is a high priority to Craftopia. We'll implement some parts of them in Early Access.

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