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Kyledakilla said: I bought a key from Xsolla in 2020 and never got my key, I emailed Xsolla and they said to go on here for help. Any ideas?? Just want what I paid for.
This should not have happened.

Check and register an account. If you still have no key e-mail with your xsolla transaction id, e-mail and what you paid for.   ... Read more

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30 Jun

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Hey folks. We know it’s been a little while since the... Read more

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21 Jun

    Jokka^_^ on Forums - Thread - Direct
With the information relayed prior to the closed alpha release, recruiting NPC's to defend your base was planned. You would have to pay them, make sure you have all what they need, food, drinks, weapons etc etc. We'll see in the future what happens!  

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12 Jun

    Jokka^_^ on Forums - Thread - Direct
Another weekly update, this time with a more automotive focus:

JUNE 11TH U...

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