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06 Feb

01 Jan

We have another dev blog post for you, survivors! Check it out to read about new weather effects, signage in the map, and hear from some of our new team members!

Happy Holidays Development Update | Dead Matter

In this update we’re taking a look at developements that have been made on the closed alpha map, the new snow effects (and snow deformation... Read more

22 Nov

𝑺𝑻𝑹𝑨𝑫𝑰 said: Why no vlog?
The next vlog will come when it can. The blogs are just easier to put out more consistently.  

21 Nov

In this update we’re taking a look at some of the work being done on Infected behaviors, more weapons and animations, and some of the interactive sections players will face in the mines mentioned in previous updates. We also have a break down of some of the work that Nik Z, the lead developer, has been doing recently.

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12 Oct

There's a number of questions we get asked pretty commonly, so here's a collection of some of them so people can find answers more easily!

Is there still a way to get in the Closed Alpha?
Unless you have already backed the game, unfortunately not. It's something we would like but cannot promise will open up again before the Steam Early Access release.

When is Steam Early Access?
2022. A more narrow estimate will be given when possible.

Is there be an NDA for the Closed Alpha?
There is. This means sharing footage, reviews, or discussions of in-game experiences outside of the Backer sections are not allowed.

When is the next development update?
When it's done basically. Sometimes things get in the way, higher priority stuff comes up, etc. Updates come out when the time can be made for them.

... Read more
In this post we show off some new Backer weapons, some of the WIP perks systems that players will use, and dig into blockouts and the struggle for good reference images with Shirk. We’re happy to keep these blog posts coming in our continuing effort to increase transparency and communication with the community.

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Feel f... Read more
As many of you know, for quite some time our forums weren't in the best shape. We had several issues with the forum software we were using before, and in the end decided to move to a new one. These past weeks we've been taking time trialing different software to make sure the one we land on is the right one, and here we are! Now, there several things to note with these new forums, so let's get into it.

One of the first things you'll notice—if you were a user of our old forums—is the lack of posts and the fact that you need to make a new account. That's because this is a clean-slate transition. Unfortunately, with the change in software there isn't an easy way to move content over, in fact it's extremely tedious and involves a LOT of work. With that, we will be working to get the most important content (old announcements and whatnot) shifted over, but other than that no personal content will make the journey to the new land.

You'll also notice t... Read more

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