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18 Jul

13 Jul


Originally posted by SpewnFromTheEarth

Is it too late to back them? Just found out about this and would love to get in the CA

We will have backing options open for the duration of the Closed Alpha at these sites!


QI store:

11 Jul


Originally posted by V3rtigo44

Will that depend on your actions or will events behind our control shape future interactions?

You know I don't leak fun details like that

Continuing our weekly updates leading up the Closed Alpha, this update highlights some new weapon textures, new weapons we think many of you will be excited about, player base fortifications, and player/infected model updates.

July 10 Update | Dead Matter

Continuing our weekly updates leading up the Closed Alpha, this update highlights some new weapon textures, n... Read more

10 Jul


You might see some military peeps in the world. How that all plays out over time will have to wait, though


It's been discussed and decided we don't want anything like that. It would effectively turn the Infected into little more than an obstacle, and we want them to be an ever-present threat.

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09 Jul


Originally posted by V3rtigo44

Speaking of loot. I think i recall seeing a video that explained that loot depends on what you loot. As in you wont find a gun in a toilet, etc.?

That's correct. Loot is somewhat random, but items will only spawn where they make sense. So no acogs under the kitchen sink or assault rifles in a refrigerator.


I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by some of the stuff we have planned

07 Jul


Duck is a QI Partner, and has more than met the interaction rule. I'll allow it.

06 Jul


Originally posted by Kuzkay

I believe those only show to players in your group

To add to this, name tags also only appear when you're within 1-2 meters of another player so you can interact with them to add them to your group or start a trade.

04 Jul


Currently air vehicles are not planned for the closed alpha

Here we are with another weekly update that shows off some more safe areas, not-so-safe areas, test footage of weapon sound tails, and other work that the code and art teams have been continuing:

July 3 Update | Dead Matter

Continuing our weekly updates leading up the Closed Alpha, this update ... Read more

03 Jul


Removed: Trolling. This sub and our discord server does not allow or accept this behavior.

02 Jul


Given the state of the subreddit and the recent bunch of videos that have been getting posted, we're implementing a few guidelines:

  • You may only post videos once per 7 days

  • Videos must be properly flaired (we'll set up some new post flairs soon)

  • If your post ratio is more than 2:1 video posts vs actual content and community interaction, your post will be removed as spam

  • Edit: Additionally, Partner Content is the exception to this rule on a case-by-case basis.

Hopefully this will cut down on some of the constant posts we've been getting and improve the quality of said posts. As always, we're open to feedback on this and welcome any suggestions the community has on additions or changes to this new rule.

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28 Jun


Originally posted by JesusShaves80

No... or yes? Your statement implies a question, but it's as unclear as the DM team communication.

Having launched new products of my own, I'm aware of the complications and obstacles that can arise. The problem here is that it's been a 7 year project, and every time this gets pointed out, it gets deleted.

The project has been in full development since August 2017. It existed as a Crysis 2 mod/hobby project in 2013, but was not a standalone game in development. We do not tolerate spreading misinformation about the project.


You will be able to back for the duration of the closed alpha, but not after the early access release. Early Access is expected in early 2021.

27 Jun

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Zom2D2 said: Wow. What are the odds of getting a go kart off the track and into the wild?
There's currently a path that exits the track and lets you drive wherever.  

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