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25 Jul


Either a group of people get access first to fix critical bugs that they may find, or we give everyone access at the same time. The former is better since that means all backers will get a smoother launch instead of being test subjects to fix any issue we haven't encountered on our hardware. If you wanna spend a week staring at a black screen because your hardware wasn't tested, the latter is preferable.


Originally posted by BravoSixDelta

Pretty ignorant and provocative replies in this thread by a developer of the game, genuinely made me want to get a refund for the game, what an asshole.

Ouch, well sorry you feel that way man. Just feel like we should be active in the sub at least a little, you don’t have to like or agree with everything I say.


Originally posted by [deleted]


Lol you just compared moderation on a subreddit to police killing innocent people. We’re done here.


Originally posted by itsickitpiss69

The mods dont reply and they dont care. You guys also dont have a formal process to appeal any kind of ban for your communities. Instead, the name of the game is just censorship.

Lol you have no idea how much trash they get in their messages on a daily basis, no clue at all. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t be here.

If that’s how you feel though (even though I disagree with you), you don’t have to participate in this facet of the community. No one is making you.


Originally posted by DoggyStyle3000

They put more time in trolling then actually fix the news section?

Known bug, our web dev is looking into it.


Originally posted by Nurver


That you were trying to save company face in a locked thread in which normal users could not reply to??????

  1. My views are my own, only my own.

  2. I didn’t know the thread was locked, because I didn’t lock it. I already explained this to you. I would have said it regardless. If you don’t like how the moderation is handled, like I said, message a MOD, or don’t participate. That’s how this works.


Originally posted by Nurver
Regardless of WHO locked it, you're still replying to users in a locked thread with elevated privileges .

And this proves... what exactly? What does replying to people have to do with the topic of your post here


Originally posted by MidWestMind

That's what the karma system is for. It doesn't encourage toxicity any more than anything else. If the majority agree in a group how this game is perceived by the community then those ideas will raise to the top.

Shadow banning, locking and deletion of posts/threads that don't break any rules is pure manipulation by the moderation team to skew the views of the members of this sub.

EDIT: This isn't just a "reddit" problem, l just checked out the backer rooms on the discord and it's worse than here. Even Atomic Duck is being attacked lol

I made a post after the July 17th update that I bet was shadow banned as soon as a mod saw it, even though it doesn't break any rules. They can't take the heat that they are creating by BSing us for a long time now and lock threads with links for proof.

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We can agree to disagree on that. Imo karma is inherently a system that encourages groupthink and dogpiling, but you’re entitled to feel however you want about it.

Doesn’t change how the individual subs are moderated tho, that’s up to the discretion of the moderators.


Originally posted by Nurver

I don't. And I did message you, after you left a snarky reply to my comment in the other thread, and promptly locked it.

Yet you claimed ignorance and had no idea it was locked, and it still has continued happening over the past few days.

I have not locked or moderated a single thread or comment here or in the discord. I’m also not a moderator. Look at the titles.


Originally posted by Nurver

Don't blame Reddits userbase on your company's short comings. That's a big cop out.

Threads have been going down and comments disappearing at a way higher rate since the negative pr you guys have been drumming up. (Ie the past few weeks)

The posts I linked and the comments that were removed in those threads were not breaking ANY rules other than painting the game in a negative light.

Blatant harassment of the team =/= open discussion are two completely different things.

But I just did, damn. ‘Tis the truth. Not that we are perfect, because we’re not. But like, it’s Reddit.

If you don’t like the way the sub is moderated you can message one of the moderators.


Or, maybe Reddit as a platform encourages toxicity and the moderators need to, you know, moderate?

You may not agree with it but like it’s not the Wild West here. You still have to follow the rules. ALL of the rules.


Originally posted by Nachovia

so its working?



Originally posted by SmokeWiseGanja

you're prob best off posting these on the forums mate, they have a proper section for suggestions and ideas

It’s also worth noting some of these are implemented as an example, the throwable soda can and flare shells for shotguns both act as zombie lures.


Originally posted by RockhoundBlack

I thought BigFry would look different to that, but I guess you simply can't imagine a person's face solely based on hearing their voice.

That isn’t BigFry that’s SOG lol


Originally posted by ButtsTheRobot

Well what made you decide to have streamers do this instead of a smaller number of your longest backers?

I don’t think it would be fair to other backers especially because it boils down to splitting up who gets access based on arbitrary data.


Originally posted by ButtsTheRobot

It's an alpha, people expect there to be problems. Instead you choose to actively frustrate the people backing the game by telling them they have to wait longer than others that have supported you for less time. It's not a good look to start out with the statement that streamers are more important.

But I suppose annoying your longest supporters is likely a good PR move here, you're right. You get streamer support and a smoother launch. People will forget about it once they're actually playing.

You do you, but I've seen way too many games give streamers preferential treatment to the detriment of the community now to not at least be wary of this decision.

When you launch something to a large audience there are some basic expectations for functionality. We’re having our partners help out with that so we don’t end up frustrating thousands of people on day one. It’s the right thing to do.

Nothing to do with preferential treatment, especially considering I don’t even watch anyone or anything on Twitch.


Originally posted by ButtsTheRobot

So doing right by your backers in y'alls mind here is giving other people access first over people that have supported you for years?

You know who else is capable of testing things? Your backers.

Potentially frustrating every single person that backed the game isn’t really worth it in my opinion.

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Yes Nitrado is the official partner of DM. But you can also rent anywhere you want. ;)  

Why do you keep trying to tempt us with these memes?


Originally posted by iHeartGreyGoose

Is the partner program still open? I have a small twitch following with a decent amount of zombie content.

We’ll be posting some information very shortly on how to gain access to the program if you are a content creator. Keep an eye on Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc. for the announcement.

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