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02 Jul


Originally posted by Bjorn_GSG

He Sprints, he Drills, but most importantly, he kills!

You just meme'd.

I'm screenshotting this.


He Sprints, he Drills, but most importantly, he kills!


Is your Internet connection good? That could be part of the issue


Does this only happen with DRG?
Have you tried other Unreal engine games?


Steam got rid of the 4-packs back in 2015. The only games that have those, are games that added them before that.


I think the author added the flair :) Naughty boy!

We are still talking with MS, trying to figure out a solution.

01 Jul


Originally posted by vizthex

I'm sad that isn't still a thing tbh

I saved the build with that particular bug in it. :D


Originally posted by Snakekitty

Hmmmmm gravity?

My nemesis.


Originally posted by torbjorn_bradda

Wasn't there some hilarity back in the day about how the early playtesters were only given 20 flares for the whole session?

Hey, those things cost money.

That was probably a result of “seemed like a good idea at the time”.


Originally posted by Koksschnupfen

That thing we can't talk about yet:

Ammo is now only purchasable with real money (the devolopers just couldn't afford a 2nd supply drop)

“Please buy our game, so we can buy ingame ammo”


You’re churning these out at light speed!


Originally posted by ZeroSignal_

Sounds like Jacob alright :D

Heeey! ಠ_ಠ


Originally posted by RamboMans

Thanks for the reply. I think I will play solo until Im more experienced I like to take my time to get familiar with the mechanics. Then I will probably try co-op with randoms since the comments all agree that most ppl are nice here :)

Also I have seen a lot of good reviews of this game and watched gameplay too. To me it looks really fun and optimized (Im on PC) wich a lot of early acces games can't be said about.

Im not reallly a fan of the early acces format due to a lot of unoptimized games and I just wonder, What areas in the game right now are the most looked in to? For example: I noticed that there are not a lot of primary weapons for each class (2 correct me if im wrong), is that a thing which will be expanded upon in the near future? like when you added more enemies with update 23.

The designers are constantly tweaking things and looking at feedback both in the forums, here and on Discord. The artists are working on a lot of sweet visual stuff including beards and enemies and other cool things to come. There’ll definitely be more content coming, both in the next Update that adds Endgame, but also in those that follow. On the obvious to-do list is the space rig and a lot of Quality of Life stuff and polish. We got a lot of stuff in the pipeline, and most likely some of it will be more of what we have, since the systems will be in the game already.


The bug that made aquargs zoom around at high speeds if hit by an impact axe was absolutely ridiculous.


Oooh - I was absolutely blown away in more than one sense the first time I played against the bulk detonator. That crater was ridiculous.


I accidentally spawned 50 infected Bet-Cs while playing around with Ansel’s photo mode in a debut build.


Originally posted by Mark_GSG

/u/GSG_Jacob and I had just fought off 4 Bulk Detonators in the Magma Biome during an intense Deep Dive. The entire cave room was one big burning crater and our only safe haven during a swarm was the platforms our Engineer had built. In a desperate attempt to melee enemies due to lack of ammo, /u/GSG_Jacob managed to destroy the only platform that separated our team and certain death by lava. Fun times!

Well, the issue was that thing we can’t talk about yet, which made it a lot harder.

28 Jun


Originally posted by themaninblack08

I did not invite anybody into that game. It was an open lobby that I hosted and started with only me in the team. As for the joiner, I didn't see anything special as he connected.

I have heard, anecdotally, that quick join often simply puts you into seemingly random games, ignoring the Haz5 gating conditions. Given that it was late night in my time zone, he may have simply used quick join and given the low count of open servers it just deposited him in mine.

But this is just speculation on my part. I can't exactly test it myself, as I did my Haz5 related assignments long ago.

I'll pass this on to a programmer :-)


Definitely a bug. That should only be possible with with an invite from the host... Was anything special happening when this player joined?

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