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This is the official joke discussion thread for, "Introducing Stuga, A New Companion Who Follows You Everywhere"*

"ESO’s most beloved and respected Orc quest giver, Stuga, is on the way as a Companion!"

[spoiler]Note: Our lawyers would like to remind everyone that it is April Fool's Day, and this is not real.)[/spoiler]

31 Mar

Hi All, we wanted to share with everyone the latest on our ongoing hardware refresh work. The work on PC EU is nearing completion. We are doing the cutover during an extended maintenance that will start in the evening on April 3 and end in the morning on April 4. Tentative times are April 3 at 8:00 PM EDT to April 4 at 10:00 AM EDT (1:00 AM BST to 3:00 PM BST on April 4). Once the maintenance is complete, we will monitor the PC EU server performance. This maintenance does occur during the Jester’s Festival and is why we preemptively added an extra day to the beginning of the event.

For the remaining servers, below are the latest planned timelines. Please note that these timelines could change if we run into any issues with the hardware refresh process or other issues arise with the ESO live service that takes priority.

[*] PlayStation EU: This server is next, and that work will be completed later this month (April.) We will let you all know when we’ve lock... Read more

30 Mar

Hi all. Have an update here. We're working on a fix and have identified the issue is sprinting while the Ultimate is active. So you should avoid this until we have a chance to fix it. We are aiming to have a fix for the April 24 incremental. We'll update if anything changes there. Thanks all.
Thanks for sharing this, @Kashya_Vulano. We send this to our team and they are putting in a bug for this now.


The new hairstyle is mostly fine on males, but aside from being extremely wide on females since it apparently welds itself to the furthest part of the shoulder, it also looks terrible on female orcs and doesn't play nice with some personalities, like the duchess personality. This issue seems to be directly linked with ear rotation on your character. Feel free to drop pictures if you have any, I know a lot of people have been dealing with this issue.


This is the official discussion thread for, "Gorge On Cake, Enjoy Bonus XP, And Earn Special Rewards During ESO's Anniversary Jubilee!"

"Celebrate ESO’s birthday with cake and more during the 2023 Anniversary Jubilee in-game event."
Hi All. Thanks for the pings in this thread. Wanted to follow up on this issue. Currently 5 Ragebound Crate items not converting into gems. This is not intended. We have let our teams know and they are working on a fix for this. Only the following items are affected, and are not providing a gem breakdown value as intended:
[*] Legendary Reward: Crown Crafting Motif 67: Welkynar Style - 33 gem value
[*] Legendary Reward: Crown Crafting Motif 55: Dreadhorn Style - 33 gem value
[*] Legendary Reward: Orb of the Spirit Queen - 33 gem value
[*] Epic Reward: Reach Chandelier, Hagraven - 13 gem value
[*] Epic Reward: Rite of the Harrowforged - 13 gem value

As for right now, unopened crates will be fixed if you leave them unopened until after the fix is live. Once the fix is available, when you get duplicate of the above mentioned crate items, you'll get the intended gem conversion.

For those who have opened some Ragebound Crates alr... Read more

This is the official discussion thread for, "Crown Store Showcase- April 2023"

"A bounty of spectacular treasures arrives in the Crown Store this April. Preview everything in our latest Crown Store Showcase!"

29 Mar

Hey folks, just to follow up here, both fixes have passed QA and we are planning to include them in the next PC and console incremental patches, both of which are scheduled for the week of April 10.



Radiant Apex Rewards:
[*] 虚无之母的四目兽
[*] 血疫锻造地精犬
[*] 冰怒熊

Apex Rewards:
[*] 怒缚马具
[*] 怒缚熊
[*] 怒缚地精犬
[*] 怒缚盾角蜥
[*] 怒缚剑齿猫
[*] 怒缚战马
[*] 血疫者之谷

Legendary Rewards:
[*] 苦涩海岸召回
[*] 瑞驰人的清除女巫道具
[*] 键琴
[*] 灵后法球
[*] 乌鸦鬼婆靶子(强健)
[*] 王冠制作样式书55:恐角样式
[*] 王冠制作样式书67:威尔肯纳尔样式
[*] 暮烬狐
[*] 卡斯河剑齿猫
[*] 王之守卫公羊
[*] 鲜血狂怒匕首
[*] 鲜血狂怒战斧
[*] 鲜血狂怒之弓
[*] 鲜血狂怒之盾
[*] 鲜血狂怒法杖
[*] 雨手月复生

Epic Rewards:
[*] 巴尔菲兰鼻钉
[*] 慈悲之母的头饰
[*] 空中恶作剧
[*] 碎敌者
[*] 吹奏排箫
[*] 小鬼之眼
[*] 瑞驰吊灯(乌鸦鬼婆)
[*] 血疫... Read more

28 Mar

PS4 EU is open as of 2pm EDT!
Currently looking like we will be opening PS4 EU within an hour or so.
Hey all, just wanted to let you know that while this will be an issue with today's console patch, we are aware of these issues and are working on getting some fixes tested. We'll keep you posted on when you can expect the fixes to go live.
We are currently working through an issue that is delaying the re-opening of the PS EU server, but we'll keep everyone posted as we have updates.