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07 Mar


This is the official discussion thread for, "5 Must-See Morrowind Marvels"

"Get excited to visit the Telvanni Peninsula this June by checking out these five incredible Morrowind marvels right now!"

06 Mar

This is the official discussion thread for, "Watch ESO's Developers Recall Their First Steps Into Morrowind"

"ESO’s development and community teams discuss their earliest memories and impressions of Vvardenfell in the first of our two Return to Morrowind videos."

05 Mar

04 Mar

03 Mar

Hi everyone! We are aware and investigating. Thank you.
Hi all, seems like we are close to a solution here. Players should be able to see the forum now without an account. We are working to make sure this fix is stable, but we should be in the clear shortly.
Hi all, this is not intentional. We are looking into the issue now.

02 Mar


Sweet! Does that include XP for antiquities and legerdemain?

Unfortunately, skills like antiquities and legerdemain do not benefit from the extra xp, as those are calculated differently. However, your normal sources earned experience, like defeating monsters, completing quests, etc will benefit.
Could you relog and try again? There was a small issue earlier this morning that may have caused this, but it should be resolved now.

This is the official discussion thread for, "Celebrate ESO With Us In Las Vegas During The 2023 ESO Community Event"

"Meet ESO’s developers, watch special panels, and celebrate the game with us and your fellow players at a new community event—coming in April 2023!"