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12 Sep


Banned for life.

09 Sep


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I am finally proud of you guys, took you long enough to make logi good but you did it.

What a mean thing to say.


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I think devs mentioned something about wells so maybe that will help a bit

Wells work


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Where do you find the devblogs?

08 Sep


We put together a preview video showcasing the new features coming in Inferno. This was a very fun collaboration between Siege Camp and long time community member CaptainInArms (aka "Geoffrey Jennings") from the PressCorps. Hope you enjoy it!

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I'd recommend waiting for the actual dev branch with the context of real production costs and more finalized balance in place. Even then there will be two weeks of dev branch of us to get feedback and further refine balance.

The preview build shown by the streamer community today was meant to show off the content and features at a high level, not for balance scrutiny.

    /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
For a quick overview of what features are coming, watch the video below

Foxhole Inferno launches on Sep 28th

For a more in-depth look at the update, watch our recent Devstream below.


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"Don't you mean "Well" ?"


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Maybe yes or maybe it is just part of a building construct able on the facility such as a factory, refinery or storage. That would mean it is not construct able independently.

There are two buildable cranes. The stationary crane and the rail crane. Keep in mind that these will have requirements to operate. For example the stationary crane will require a small amount of power to operate.


We actually cut the bucket slide. Didn't want to overload you all too much


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u/markusn82 during the entrenched update the dev team talked about infantry reworks getting pushed back. Is the new flame weapons what you guys where referring to or is an infantry mechanics change still in the plans?

Would you guys be open to discussing and possibly toning down or changing the duration and range at which rifles stun players?

Currently it feels a bit egregious and makes infantry tactics that rely on mobility a bit too favored for the defenders behind cover. Awesome update and i can't wait to play it!!!

There will be more infantry updates coming. We had some changes planned for Update 50 but due to the scope of work it was pushed back (again).


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With such grand evolutions to the game happening over the past few years, will we ever see cross faction VOIP coming back?

We've looked into some alternate voice tech (other than Vivox), but there hasn't been anything viable yet. This is important to us so we'll continue to look for solutions but it won't be any time soon.


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With an new emphasis on moving large amounts of logistics forward, are there any improvements coming to moving logi through queued regions? Will trains have special priority through max pop queues?

Some of the largest operations in the game have to deal with something players call the 'Special Queue' -- a phenomenon that causes players to lose their queue reservation when moving in and out of an extremely max pop queued hex. This of course causes problems for massive operations where they go sometimes an hour or more without logistics, as anyone leaving the region to get logi loses their queue reservation and cannot get back into the hex.

No improvements on this front coming in Update 50. However, as a result of this update our tech is now able to show certain structures across regions at the border. This is how we make train tracks appear in a neighbouring region so you can connect them. Its conceivable that this tech can be used to link a structure that allows items to be transferred.


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Will clans be able to hog all the resource nodes with auto harvesters or are those infinite like the mines we currently have? Looks to me as though it would be a major issue for the randoms in the game without a clan to help them?

I did want to add an extra detail here. The auto harvesters do consume from the quantity stored in the field (the number you see when you press E on a field), but they do not deplete the actual nodes surrounding it.


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Can you... produce more GSupps than normal out of facilities? Or are builders going to run factories full time to maintain a single average sized facility?

Unfortunately due to technical constraints, Garrison Supply Production must be bounded to some degree. If Foxhole didn't have to support 200+ players per region this would be less of a problem. As always though, we will try to balance things between technical constraints and gameplay. Hopefully we'll find a decent balance.


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Speakerphone on a tripod so you can blare your faction propaganda at the guys in the other trench when?

This is an amazing idea.


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how are u going to lay down the *cemented* floors and ramps and etc ?

Also is there going to be lore updates into the map ?

There is more lore added as well.