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13 Dec

Update 51 is focused on iterating on Inferno features, with new quality of life changes, optimizations, and content to support existing features like trains and fire. For further details on this update, please check out our latest Devstream.

FIRE ENGINES In the last update, fire weapons were introduced which allows structures and entire towns to be set towns ablaze. Fire Engines have now been added to help players fight fire.

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

08 Dec


Apologies for recreating this post. There was an error in the original that had to be corrected.

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Devstream Preview
If you missed it, catch up on our devstream preview of Update 51. This update introduces Fire Engines, the Caboose, Facility Upgrades and includes new quality of life features and optimizations.
Release Date
Update 51 launches on Tuesday, December 13th. To accommodate this release, wars on ABLE and CHARLIE will be ended on December 12th through VP reduction.

05 Dec


Originally posted by Nuello

oh god no way Dev take the bait




The shard merger was planned well before any videos from streamers were released. The same thing happened almost a year ago with Entrenched and it's just a part of scaling up for big updates. Not ideal, but this has been the standard operating procedure for awhile.

25 Nov

21 Nov

13 Nov


Originally posted by Coletr11

Devman good. No lootbox, no dlc. Years and years of support. Relatively open development process. If this game ever went on R2 it would be a dream.


17 Oct


Originally posted by URS5

don't give the devs ideas

note taking intensifies...

14 Oct


Originally posted by BluePulseFlyer

I just went through a roller coaster of emotions from finding out what the dead harvest event is, finding and watching YouTube videos detailing all the special features that come along with the event getting excited because its spooky season and the 16th is just days away.... and finding this post and having my heart broken...

With that said how about a Nightmare Before Christmas like theme dead harvest holidays event in December? :D

What a fun idea!

Unfortunately we are a very small team and to work on adjacent features takes away from us working the core game.

12 Oct


The issue has been resolved.

EDIT: Additional context after some investigation: An error was detected in the tech tree at 11:17PM ET on ABLE. The error was resolved resulting in the corresponding tech being unlocked at 12:31AM ET.

09 Oct


Man...they pushed quite far south!

03 Oct

02 Oct


Originally posted by Romandinjo

Why the hell isn't it already in game? That's like game design 101.

The update has been out for 3 days.