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08 Sep


Originally posted by amalgam_reynolds

Foundations will remove trees, but trees will come back if the foundations go away.

Never mind, that might come later

There was actually a mistake in one of the responses. We had implemented tree removal but had to pull the feature last minute due to technical edge cases we couldn't resolve on time unfortunately.

07 Sep

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If you missed it today, you can watch the Devstream on Youtube here.

Foxhole Inferno launches on Sep 28th

Originally posted by Rallak

Dev man, do trains make "choo choo" if we left click?

Yes. Absolutely.


Originally posted by Silent_Weekend_6054

Does stacking auto harvesters have a limit or can each field only have a certain number?

The current limit is 3, but that may change after dev branch testing.


Originally posted by Tjarnov

How far out can docks be build from land and are there any provisions for ladders on the foundations or ramps so you can actually get on the dock from the freighter?

Can defenses or other structures build by hammers be build on the foundations?

Do locomotives allow for wagons to be attached in front of them? If yes can you stack locomotives?

Will flamethrowers deal damage to player made structures (pillboxes, watchtowers, bunkers)?

Will there be any changes to bunkers to keep up with the power of new munitions and increased logistical capacity for artillery?

Building docks out will be more limited than we wanted it to be. We wanted to push for more freedeom, but internal testing showed that it can be problematic in terms of players griefing by blocking narrower rivers.


Originally posted by Kurgan182

Can we steal trains?



Originally posted by bobboyfromminecraft

Will there be specialized railcars like there are road vehicles?

Raw resource hoppers, boxcars, tankers, crane railcars... Not to mention, the possibility of more armored train and railcar variants.

Possibly in the future. But nothing concrete planned at the moment.


Originally posted by Tigerboy890

In regards to the modification center, its slide reads "variants without relying on the tech tree". Does this mean that you would only have to tech the outlaw and then drive one to a center in order to change it to one of its (now two) variants?

Yes exactly. Once the base vehicle is unlocked in the tech tree you can built the variant as long as you have access to a Facility that can produce it. This will be a bit of extra work as a result, but to balance it we're reducing the RMat cost on most base vehicles.

What is cool about the potential here, is that some parts of the world might naturally become more specialized at producing certain vehicles over others. Furthermore, if the enemy targets a specific Facility it may cripple the enemy's capability to produce that type of variant.


Originally posted by Krios41

How do you imagine this will affect Logi? Will the workload be somewhat the same overall? Less? more?

What about our poor builders? Did you take them into consideration aswel and have some toys or QoL in the pipeline for them to ease building all of this?

Will those player made factories cost B/Gsubs to maintain?

Will playermade factories be easy to understand, hard to master?

Will the changes how varients are made be expanded to all tanks? Like, modular tank where we research teh chassis, and then put whatever gun we want ontop? (or soemthing along those lines)

Our goal wasn't explicitly to reduce workload for logi. It was to reduce the amount workload that wasn't fun and convert it into more interesting activities. So workload might decrease in some areas and increase in others, but hopefully overall it'll feel more dynamic and have more progression.

For example, instead of just holding down LMB to scrap, you have the option to build a Facility to produce the resources to power a stationary harvester that does the scrapping for you. That will still require work, but in theory it should feel more satisfying as once the stationary harvester is up and running it will require less grind.

The variants won't be modular as you described. For more information on how it works see my reply here: ...

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Originally posted by Reaction-Fit

So if this a "usual size update" what does that say about foxhole 1.1?

Lightning round: will the BT variant's or even new versions make an appearance, will we have player made depots, and is there a single new boat in 1.0?

There are new Battle Tanks under development. We weren't able to announce everything in the stream today but some might make this release and some might be coming in later ones.


Originally posted by Death_Dealer718

Question what kind of variants can we make in terms of Tanks in the modification factories. Like can any weapon go on chassis or is specific. Because from a variant standpoint there is a lot you can do.

There are a set of "base" vehicles in the game like a Hatchet that you can assemble into a variant like a Kranesca at an Assembly Station. This won't be dependent on player voting anymore so as long as the Hatchet is unlocked you can produce the Kranesca if you have built the correct Facilities for it.

Then you can further upgrade it to higher tiers at the Modification Center. Upgrading to higher tiers is very resource intensive though and in many scenarios not worth the effort. Otherwise, everyone will by default upgrade their vehicles to higher tiers.


Originally posted by I_am_grove_princess

what will the physics on the trains be like? will they emulate the vehicle phyisics? Im thinking about about things like blowing a train track as a train rolls over and it getting de-railed etc etc

Movement along the rails feels pretty good in my opinion and feels like how I'd imagine it would (though I haven't actually driven a train so who knows). Unfortunately derailment mechanics didn't make the final cut of features. Hopefully we can improve this in future updates.


Originally posted by ApartMonitor8504

I wanted to ask who made the theme during the devstream? The one before it started the theme was very cool and I wanted to hear it again.

Another thing, I distinctly heard two different them being used. One had an army chanting (Probably Colonial). The other one was a bit proud but somber theme (Probs Warden).

So can I hear the two piece theme again?

Those are the new faction anthems. They will be playing over a "speakerphone" in the home regions so you can get pumped while waiting to deployed.

We have a composer that created original music for this.


Originally posted by Potato_Emperor667

- Will there be any small arms this update? And if so will there be a Flare Gun or/and Warden mortar that we saw in Winter Army Dev Stream?

- Will there ever be a universal gunner role for ACs?

- Will we see railroad ACs in the future?

- Will we see asymmetrical train engines in the future (or this update)?

- Will there be diseal trains?

- New Scout Tanks?

- Will there be anyway to support Foxhole in the future outside of buying the game?

- Will we see more 30mm equipment or/and changes to make the shell/caliber more relevant?

(also dev stream was cool, look forward to dev branch and release)

We had some infantry content planned, but unfortunately it was deferred as part of the 20-30% cut content I was alluding to the last week or so. Some of it will probably come with Update 51 or 52.

The best way to support Foxhole is to let your friends know about it :).


Originally posted by michalosaur

Do Rails and facility consume Gsupps?

Rails consume them. Foundations and roads will consume more than usual to prevent player spamming them everywhere. Ideally players are building these things where they need them only.


Originally posted by clapfootjulianl

Foundations do clear trees but they will comeback when the foundation is removed.

Train tracks interact with foundation, you can build train tracks on foundation and foundation under tracks.

Vehicle modification facilities can upgrade any vehicle that goes in them (some don't fit).
Vehicle assembly stations build small sets of vehicles. Like there is one for trucks and light vehicles, one for tanks, etc.

Train bridges are placed in the world like normal bridges.

I don't know the final number of buckets your brigade will need, sorry.

There will be a devblog in like a week. The stream will be up on twitch and youtube soon.

Adding a footnote to Julian's comment. We had tree clearing working to some degree, but due to last minute technical edge cases we had to defer the feature unfortunately. So trees won't be culled by foundations.


Originally posted by zzZZerOoo

How do trains interact with borders? ~Thank you for the hard work~

You build rails that go right up to the border. You will be able to see the tracks on the order side, allowing you to connect to them and continue the railway.


Originally posted by Emothic-Von-Hellsing

I have two questions. A curious question and a very concerning question.

First the curious question:

What will happen in game, when two trains traveling towards each other on the same track, crash into each other at a fast pace of speed?

Now the concerning question:

With the recent dev stream, it reached a peak of 7,000 viewers, and possibly a total amount of viewership throughout the stream being higher. As such with the final release of the 1.0 update, we will see a surge of returning players and new players into the game. If we are going to go by the dev stream numbers alone. This means that for possibly several weeks queues are going to become a very big problem. Where even backline regions will become queued.

Will there be anything to help prevent this massive queue problem on a possible scale that has never been experienced in the game? In other words will Shard 2 be re-opened in preparations for the 1.0 release, or maybe some other s...

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There will likely be multiple shards to accommodate extra and returning players.


Originally posted by CloseSniper

Will any of the new factories consume gsups or are they immune to decay?

They will consume Garrisoned Supplies like everything else. This has always and will always be a technical server constraint since there can only be so many structures in the world before the server is unable to keep up.