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05 Sep

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Sep 5, 20:29 UTC
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Sep 5, 15:01 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.

Aug 30, 22:33 UTC
Scheduled - @MTG_Arena maintenance will occur to deploy the 2023.29.0 game update.

⏲️ Full deployment estimated at ~3 hours.
🛠️ No downtime is expected but may be experienced.
💻 Restart required.
📝 Patch notes available soon after.

31 Aug


Originally posted by AgyleSox

Edit: Nevermind. Wotc_jay to the rescue. Image has been fixed.

Ugh, why are there frames on the 'full art storybook lands'? That really takes away the appeal of those.

That is not how they look here:

Hey, thanks for the callout. The article had an outdated image, and it's updated now. They're properly borderless on the battlefield as you would expect.


Originally posted by EasternBlok

Yep - definitely neat. I wonder if this is only when a person opens 2+ packs

It’s similar (but shorter) for one pack. The big win is that this lets you see all of your rares/mythics when you “Open 10” (or a sealed pool) in a set with a bonus sheet


Happy Cake Day! Thanks for all you do for this community.

I’m really torn on favorite cosmetics, so I’ll give 3: - By far my most-used cosmetic is the Vraska avatar, which has basically been my avatar since launch

-I really love the weathered cardback sleeves; the April Fools ones released recently. I started playing in late ‘94, well before we knew to sleeve things properly, and I had many decks that looked like this. I have 100+ sleeves, and this is the first time I changed my default - Feels like I’m shilling, because this is still in the store, but the goose hydra pet is maybe my favorite cosmetic we’ve ever made. So goose, many heads, such HONK. It’s ridiculous and I love it

Thanks again for being awesome, and please re-roll me if I get picked for prizes

16 Aug


Thank you for the report (and thanks /u/Judge_Todd for the ping). The nature of this bug is that while investigate is set up to create the token under your ownership and control, and it does count as a token being created, you aren't credited as being the one who created it, so Mirkwood Bat's "Whenever you create..." isn't triggering. We'll get the fix out as soon as possible. #wotc_staff


Originally posted by Direct_Combination_3

Its been a month now, please send help the people are starving

This bug was fixed in yesterday's release

15 Aug

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Aug 15, 18:30 UTC
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Aug 15, 15:31 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.

Aug 11, 18:34 UTC
Scheduled - @MTG_Arena maintenance will occur to deploy the 2023.28.40 game update.

📥 Small download required.
🔄 Restart required.
⏲️ ~3 hour estimated deployment.
📝 Patch notes soon after.

11 Aug


Hey! We understand your concern! While we can't publicly provide any details regarding specific emails, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our Customer Support Team here who will be able to answer any questions you may have, and escalate the issue if needed.

09 Aug


Originally posted by After_Efficiency5756

Any update on fixing this?

Can you clarify? I believe this was fixed in the SOI Remastered release as I said. Are there still scenarios where it is failing to transform properly? #wotc_staff

02 Aug


Originally posted by TW80000

Love the article. Got a few questions:

  • I’m very curious as to how a team decided to use a language with as notorious a reputation as lisp for a production system. But I’ve heard it’s great for developing sort of DSLs so it seems like a perfect fit, but I have to imagine it was a known risk to build the system in lisp for hiring reasons.
  • Are any parts of the system open source?
  • Are you using AI/ML internally for anything? Evaluating cards, simulating games, predicting mana costs, etc.
  • Does Magic Online have a similar architecture or do they use a different approach?

Arguably the whole concept of "parsing cards" is AI. As are AutoTap and the system that navigates a player to the end of their turn if they run out of time (AutoResponder). And additionally we have a system called RoboQA that nightly plays hundreds of thousands of games against itself looking for ways to crash the game (it's the world's most experienced MTG player!).

After all, AI is a pretty wide term - it's "an artificial system that does stuff that are associated with intelligence". Still, all of our systems are as deterministic as possible - we don't leverage big data or probability distributions or randomization as a matter of course. Well, RoboQA does. #wotc_staff

24 Jul


Originally posted by Gwydikar

Explorer Metagame Challenge giving LTR packs as a reward is a super yikes thing. Like wtf.

Edit: OK, it's a typo.

Typo. It'll award SIR packs. We'll try to get the article fixed
(Edit: Article's fixed now)

20 Jul


Originally posted by quillypen

BTW, can you speak to the Wastes bug in Historic Brawl? It's really weird that it's gone unfixed for months now. Is it just a difficult fix to nail down, or under the dev team's radar since they're rarely played outside of colorless decks where they seem to work?

I was just talking with the team about that this morning, in fact. We've had it fixed in our internal builds for months now, but for some reason that fix isn't translating to the production environment. It's Weird. We're continuing to investigate what's going on there, but it's not from lack of attention or care


Originally posted by dens421

Did they fix the mobile bug when blocking a pile of creatures?

for a couple of months when you block a stack of creatures with one it doesn’t move the blocked creature away from the stack until you double block it then cancel the second blocker.

No one else noticed?

Yes, apparently this was fixed in this patch and it just missed getting a note

18 Jul


Intent is that all players get all of these decks in their Starter Decks folder (as normal). This was working properly in our testing prior to this release, but we're seeing multiple reports like this that it's not working properly. We are investigating this currently, will be fixing it, and will make sure that all players get the cards and decks that they should.

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Jul 18, 19:01 UTC
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Jul 18, 16:00 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.

Jul 17, 23:43 UTC
Scheduled - @MTG_Arena maintenance will occur to deploy the 2023.28.0 game update.

⏲️ Full deployment estimated at ~3 hours.
🛠️ No downtime is expected.
💻 Restart required.
📝 Patch notes available soon after.


Originally posted by pika201

That's a nice change, why didn't they announce it anywhere?

It was supposed to be in yesterday's announcements, but a communication snafu meant that it got missed. We've posted the announcement here now:

13 Jul


Originally posted by PokeyBloke

Mellon threads 😁 both worked. The "threads" code sounds like a lighthearted joke. Wondering what is behind the Mellon code 🤔


Originally posted by shudzsi

Options, unlock all game modes or finish the tutorials- i would actually recommend it if you’re new.

This is correct. For new players we start by locking many modes until they reach particular stages of the tutorial, largely so things aren't so overwhelming to start with. If you want access to everything you can "Unlock All Game Modes" in the Account section of the Options menu

12 Jul


Appreciate the post and feedback.

We want to alleviate concerns that SIR & EA3 are the only steps we're taking towards bringing Pioneer to Arena this year. While we don't have anything to announce yet, we can say that we are planning to have more older cards added to Explorer this year and into early next year.

Many cards in EA3 do bring Explorer closer to Pioneer, and that remains the primary goal. But, it is not the only one. Just like Magic sets have different cards for different audiences, so do anthologies and remasters. Development costs also affect which cards are included.

If you are one of the folks interested in this topic, we are planning on speaking to this at our Gen Con panel on Aug 5.

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