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Originally posted by Church1092

Feels weird that they don't just Killswitch the card instead, it's not like it's used in any kind of realistic deck list

Our ability to do this is bugged, so it wasn’t an option here, unfortunately. We’re working on a fix for that.


Originally posted by Mister-Spicy

Next weekend is the Arena Open. They probably don't want them running at the same time, as some players (me, for example) will want to play in both.

Yup, that’s why


Originally posted by AlbinoDenton

TBH if they only are suspended and lose the Mythic rank, they still get a lot of profit in form of gems from events. I'm not gonna jump the "they should be banned" boat, but this is a very small price to pay in exchange for a hell lot of gems.

Length of suspension will be based on degree of abuse, and full bans are on the table too.

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Originally posted by Chapmenez

Thank you for the response - I didn't cast him game 1 but played Emrakul in game 2 via Aetherworks Marvel, opponent resolved spell and effect on cast. It went to opponent's turn (under my control), then while I was looking through his cards and devising my sabotage of his board, he conceded. I had maybe 20 seconds of control at that point. Immediately after conceding, game did not transition to sideboard screen and was stuck on the battlefield as if the game hadn't ended yet. 2 minutes or so goes by and I got an orange fuse, and when the fuse expired I lost the match. Honestly I just laughed since it was kind of funny but definitely still should be fixed, I was able to use his ability in a later game as well without any issues but opponent didn't concede that time.

Great description, thanks so much! That will really help us try to narrow down what went wrong here.