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01 Apr

Out of curiosity, what was the trigger order you disliked? It's nearly impossible to sort them correctly 100% of the time (especially because some trigger interactions sort non-transitively), but perhaps the issue that burned you is one we haven't considered. #wotc_staff

31 Mar

One person roping you (or even multiple people for that matter) doesn't mean that we "do nothing". It just means that people are rude and do it. Of course the more matches you play, the more people you'll run into with a bad attitude. People do this kind of thing on every game ever.

Rest assured that we do take action on accounts that are repeatedly reported for roping. Just because you don't see it, or experience it from multiple people, doesn't mean that we don't take it seriously! Report the player so we can look into taking action.

30 Mar

Friday Night Magic Event (I'm lost)

10 days ago - WotC_Lexie on Forums - Thread - Direct


What if you are one of those people (like me) who refuses to use Twitter , Facebook and all that other junk? I do NOT want to set up a Facebook account. I do NOT want to set up a Twitter account. I would have no issue walking into my LGS but of course during these times they are closed. So what then?

You can look at their social media to see if they're participating, and then call or email them.

28 Mar

The primary reason is that when we are close to rotation (e.g. after M21), we don't want to be running draft formats that will soon be rotating out. In order to keep the cycling-format drafts have a variety of sets, we're more likely to run these formats now, when rotation is not soon.


27 Mar

Friday Night Magic Event (I'm lost)

13 days ago - WotC_Lexie on Forums - Thread - Direct

@JohnnyCLU van Damme#41591:

my store had me post my screenshot to their discord. and others are too. is that correct? or does it need to be social media so Wizards can see it too?

Nope, just Discord is totally fine!

(Editing to say that if this is your first time using Discord, it is SUPER easy to use and you're going to love it! I have used a LOT of voice clients to play games and Discord is by far my favorite.)

Friday Night Magic Event (I'm lost)

13 days ago - WotC_Lexie on Forums - Thread - Direct



You don't need to go through Discord, unless that is what your local game store of choice is using to communicate with people. If your local game store doesn't link their social media accounts on their website, I suggest trying a game store in the closest major city to you.
This is a terrible event and you should pass this info along. There are a lot of people like me who don't have a local scene. The last card shop around here that did any events closed years ago. What am I supposed to do? Go beg on random Facebook MTG pages?

It doesn't have to be from your local scene if you don't have one, and you don't have to "beg". Just look at their Facebook wall to see if they're involved, or message them like "Hey are you participating in the FNM at Home Arena event?" In my experience, stores are most active on Facebook.

Friday Night Magic Event (I'm lost)

13 days ago - WotC_Lexie on Forums - Thread - Direct

@JohnnyCLU van Damme#41591:

This is a lot of work for a sleeve...

If you deem that it is too much work for a sleeve, then you don't HAVE to go through the steps to get the sleeve. You can still participate in the event. The FNM at Home events is just one of the things we're doing to connect with local game stores in these hard times. We want to build community and connect folks (online). :slightly_smiling_face:

black screen issue

13 days ago - WotC_Lexie on Forums - Thread - Direct


Hello ,
I experiencing black screen issue.
Two updates ago, i receive a black screen with Arena cursor and no sound. I've tried Wizard's fix they put on the forum and it doesn't work. I've uninstalled/reinstalled many times and used Wizard's supposed fix both times with no success.Found a way to fix it? I don’t play Magic for weeks now cause this problem.
I've spent days trying to fix this issue with no success so far... I tried everything and anything in the troubleshooting guide, I use the latest version of parallel desktop because I use a MAC, before it all worked now with new updates no.
Unfortunately Mac isn't supported by us yet, so if you have already tried the suggested update fix I'm not sure how else to help. :slight_frown:
When do they post? (GMT +0)
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