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12 Jul


Appreciate the post and feedback.

We want to alleviate concerns that SIR & EA3 are the only steps we're taking towards bringing Pioneer to Arena this year. While we don't have anything to announce yet, we can say that we are planning to have more older cards added to Explorer this year and into early next year.

Many cards in EA3 do bring Explorer closer to Pioneer, and that remains the primary goal. But, it is not the only one. Just like Magic sets have different cards for different audiences, so do anthologies and remasters. Development costs also affect which cards are included.

If you are one of the folks interested in this topic, we are planning on speaking to this at our Gen Con panel on Aug 5.

11 Jul

10 Jul


It's a bug for styled cards in the collection (only). No impact on gameplay. We're working to get it fixed soon.

07 Jul

05 Jul

03 Jul

30 Jun

29 Jun


Originally posted by quillypen

Thanks! BTW, are the reward packs this month MOM or LTR? The client seems to disagree with the announcement page.

LTR is correct; we’re working to fix the discrepancy


Originally posted by Tazzer95

I only got 20 of my 55, what is going to happen to the rest?

For those that had 21+, like you, 20 came in the inbox message and the rest were a silent grant. So they’re in your collection, but there’s no good way for you to see which new cards they were.

Sorry about that; it’s a technical limitation that we’ll work to solve.

28 Jun


This is a bug; we'll be fixing via an inbox message shortly (you don't need to contact CS; it's automatic)
Edit: The grant for this finished running this morning, and everyone affected should have gotten an inbox message

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