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Ah yes, ProposeEffectCostResource. When I first saw this bug, I had a hunch that the problem was ProposeEffectCostResource.

I had first thought the issue was with anaphora resolution (having the parser correctly identify what the self-reference meant). That is, the bug would have been "the parser thought some other phrase was what that self-reference meant". It turns out it did that correctly, we just squashed the meaning out of the result! #wotc_staff


It's a bug. We're very frustrated too (we like players having easy access to the events they want). It won't go away on its own, but it will be fixed soon.

As many are aware by now, the Shadows over Innistrad: Remastered release on March 21st introduced an unfortunate bug to Magic: The Gathering Arena. This bug affected many cards that confer an ability that mentions the title of the conferring card, such as [[Citizen's Crowbar]] and [[Ninja's Kunai]].

Equipped creature gets +1/+1 and has "{oW}, {oT}, Sacrifice Citizen's Crowbar: Destroy target artifact or enchantment."

Equipped creature has "{1}, {T}, Sacrifice Ninja's Kunai: Ninja's Kunai deals 3 damage to any target."

Instead of sacrificing the conferring object, these abilities sacrificed all permanents controlled by the ability's controller. In Kunai's case, this was also followed up by each of the sacrificed objects dealing 3 damage to the target.

...ouch. What is happening? Why is it happening? How did we miss this happening? Well, do we have a story for you!

The story of how this bug ...

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Do we need to get three wins with each deck or do we already own all the copies of the cards that make these starter decks?

You already have all of the cards in these decks; there's no value in farming them again