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08 Jun


Hey there, our PS4 community is going strong! Taking a quick peak at our matchmaking data it looks like the average queue time for PS4 players in the past week fluctuates between about 60 to 80 seconds.



Hey there, the current target is for this coming week.


I’ll pass this along to our compatibility QA team. Sorry you’re having issues. Cheers.

edit: I posted a follow up but as an edit here, our compatibility team was unable to reproduce the issue with the same model. Check drivers?


Hey there we tracked down this issue and have resolved it. Sorry for the hassle. Cheers


Hey folks we identified the issue and have resolved it. Apologies for the hassle. Cheers

07 Jun


Hey folks, we’ve researched this issue and believe the problem is due to packet filtering or connectivity between customer ISPs in Iran and Amazon AWS. Overwatch leverages Amazon AWS infrastructure in Europe region when necessary, this is usually during new content updates.

In addition to having reported the issue here, we recommend players report this issue directly to their ISP support as well.

06 Jun

05 Jun

03 Jun


Hey all,

If there is a resurgence of the issue we’ll need tests again, though last time it was fixed without our intervention. Let’s check to see if it’s the same thing using the steps from my previous post. We need tests longer than the one that was just posted.

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Hey folks, engineers who support our voice platform found an issue that is now resolved. Thank you for the reports, sorry for the hassle.


31 May

    CaLee on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey all!
We’d really appreciate copies of your DXDiag to help us investigate this issue. Thank you!

    Molly on Forums - Thread - Direct

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – May 31, 2019

A new Overwatch patch is currently in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report and issue, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.

Please note that the below patch notes only include changes currently available for testing on the PTR. While many of these changes will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch, the PTR is PC-o...

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Wow, the response to the Workshop has been overwhelming. You all are creating some amazing content!

We just got some stats that I figured you’d all be interested in.

Thanks so much for all of this great content!

First off, here are the NA/EU Charts:

link duration hours num matches avg players desc
WMVZC 1370 1556 11.3 uno
9DFF3 1246 899 8.2 floor is lava parkour
9J4NE 1048 1261 8.2 mcree hot potato
JWY47 942 1271 9.5 hammond racing
9655A 940 1469 8.2 gun game
6ZBX5 897 1094 8.2 dva bumperkart
4QY7N 765 1966
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29 May


Hi, please refer to the sticky post at the top of the page. In short, you’ll want to copy out the contents of your scripts into a text file, then paste them in once the patch goes live.

Unlike our last PTR, we will not be copying over codes once this PTR concludes. Apologies for the inconvenience, but keep in mind that you can now copy out your Workshop script to text, so consider storing them locally on your machine.

Once our next patch goes live, you can simply paste in your text into the Workshop editor to recover the work you’ve done.

Per hero and per game mode settings cannot be saved this way, so you will have to re-apply those by hand.


Hey folks we had a server issue that caused this to happen for some players. We’ve resolved the issues and we’re monitoring to watch for any additional issues.

Sorry for the hassle

25 May


We didn’t change anything on our end. Judging from the earlier winMTRs it looked like there was a problem in your area, but it may be resolved now. If the problem comes back, please provide this information.

24 May


Thus far almost every test we have on this thread so far appears to have massive packet loss issues either at the router itself or between the router and ISP. There may be some kind of problem with the router you have been issued or the infrastructure near your house. Can the rest of you who are having issues please ensure you are running winMTRs for 5-10 minutes and posting the results? We need more tests to see if we can identify a common theme for the problem.

I’d also like to see if you can connect to another region. Before clicking “Play” on ...

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Codes created on the live build were not copied into this PTR, and codes from this PTR will not be copied back to Live.

Sorry for the pain, but once this patch goes live, the text based copy/paste can be used to migrate your work .