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16 Apr

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Patch 1.35 Known Issues

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.


  • The F1 hero information screen does not appear when playing Storm Rising or Retribution.
  • The hero select lobby is visible for a brief moment when starting the cinematic for Storm Rising on consoles.
  • VO lines triggered by actions and abilities can override story/lore VO lines in Archives missions.
  • When Wrecking Ball is revived in All Heroes, he appears to be in his hamster form but behaves as if he is in sphere form.
  • The Heavy Talon unit charges through Mei’s Ice block instead of impacting it.
  • Scores seen at the end of a success game of Storm Rising are not being calculated accurately.



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15 Apr

Thanks for helping us testing the latest changes in Overwarch! We are now concluding the 1.35 Public Test, as the most recent update will be coming up live.

The Public Test Region will not be accessible until we update with new content in a very near future. We will leave the PTR Forums active so you can continue to provide any additional feedback and bug reports.

Thank you for participating, it will son be time to Chase the Truth!

14 Apr

13 Apr


Thanks for all the follow up here everyone it’s very helpful.

We’re continuing to fix up any remaining accounts that have issues. On Tuesday with our 1.35 release we have a permanent fix for this problem so no future accounts will be affected.


12 Apr


Correct, the COX ISP issues are ongoing. Follow this thread for the latest updates:

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If you have been trying in the last hour, please note that there are connection issues with European servers (which all PS4 players regar...

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Hey everyone just wanted to update that we’ve repaired nearly all accounts at this time. There are a few remaining, if you’re still impacted please feel free to post here if you’d like, the extra information helps us validate our fixes.



Just wanted to ping here again to say we’re still working on cleanup. Apologies for those still waiting, some accounts required more work to fix.


11 Apr


Hey everyone, thanks for being patient. We’ve identified accounts that were affected by this problem and have repaired 82% of them. We will continue to work on repairs until all accounts are fixed up.

Important to note that we cannot repair an account that is logged in, so if you’re affected by this we recommend staying offline if possible (logging in to check if you’re repaired is ok).

If you’d like to post here noting that your account is fixed, or still broken, we appreciate the extra detail as we verify our fixes.

Thanks again and sorry for the hassle.

edit: This issue is exceptionally rare and very few accounts were affected. As a note for anyone who finds this thread, you are fine to change your account name.

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