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30 Sep


Welcome to the first preview for Update 1.1!

Journeying to the blistering sands of the Jordan desert, this future update adds a wealth of new features and desert themed content for players to sink their teeth into. In this preview, we’ll be unveiling some of the secrets that’ll be found within Prehistoric Kingdom’s first major title update.

The Jordan Desert In Update 1.1, players will be able to build amongst the sands of our new locale, Bahr Harin. Inspired by the Jordan desert, this location provides a unique look not found anywhere els... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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23 Sep

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Hello! This could be a number of issues. Hopefully one of these can help:

-Make sure you meet the minimum spec requirements, and that your PC has enough memory.

-Verify the game files on Steam.

-You can also try either disabling your antivirus program or whitelisting Prehistoric_Kingdom.exe.
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Hello! Try making the enclosure a bit bigger so you can place the water and it won't be too much for the habitat.

Hope it helps!

- Rosie (PK Community Manager)

22 Sep

    Mau on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hey, I've recently managed to fix this issue, and it will be rolled out in a small update in the next few days!

21 Sep

20 Sep

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