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I have been playing this game for years via Xbox and pc. It has always attracted a competitive side of everyone which has toxicity that follows. Normally, after a game, when the kids were acting like idiots, I would say "gn" "ez" and "free": all of the basic things. In the new game mode that came out which follows close to COD's gun game, I would go crazy on calls with my friends and be hyped when we win (as anyone should be when you clutch a hammer 1v1). I have said the same thing in previous games for weeks and it was not until now, when I spammed "gn" to sensitive kids, that I get a 7-day ban from playing any type of matchmaking.

How is a ban for 7-days anywhere near reasonable? I would expect at MOST a 1-day ban for toxicity, a warning, or a mute in chat for 1 to 7 days. How does me saying "gn" in chat relate to my ban at all? This form of 'punishment' seems extreme for someone having fun. The whole reason for this leads to a petite request: the vetoing of my ban with a replacement of a warning (system) or a temporary mute as a replacement. The most extreme ban I would not hope for but will settle with is a 1-day ban.

I fully hope my request gets taken seriously. I realize that saying "gn" falls under the "toxic behavior" category and does NOT comply to your rules/guidelines. I also will limit/halt these actions in future games.

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@andrew-ppxt Hi, and welcome to the forum !

I've taken note of your question regarding a sanction encountered while playing.

To clarify, did you encounter this sanction in Rainbow Six: Siege, or Rainbow Six: Extraction ?

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Heya @PewpSauce , thanks for sharing your insights here! And hello also to @andrew-ppxt 🙂

I'm agreed that we wouldn't usually expect these terms to lead to any sort of sanctioning. It isn't clear from @andrew-ppxt 's post if they are discussing Siege or Extraction (probably the former, since they've mentioned playing it for years), but in either case, I'd recommend that they review our Terms of Use to see the sorts of actions that can lead to a ban.

With any other questions about bans or sanctioning, we recommend reaching out to our support teams directly, since these questions usually relate directly to your account and are therefore best discussed privately. Let me know if there's any other questions!

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