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I lost all progress and my game is reset back to VR training, I simply asked to restore my account to ANY point where i have all my operators available. All i have gotten is silence, 7 emails, a ton of screenshots later, even a comment that they can see I have unlocked all of the operators but nothing done about it. Has anyone experienced anything like this ?

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Hello @Xixzik,

I'm sorry recovering your progress has been such a frustrating endeavor. I do see that you're currently in contact with our Support teams.

Someone should be in contact with you soon, but I can try to better explain what's happened in the meantime.

When a console account is unlinked from a Ubisoft account, progress and content like what you're missing stay tied to the Ubisoft account that was linked at the time. So, if you're using a different Ubisoft account, you wouldn't have access to your progress. It does look like they're working towards getting you properly sorted out but feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or need anything.