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Since the last major update, everytime i found the matchmaking on new Stadium Bravo, it will freeze the application immediately. And sometimes i must end task this manually via Task Manager. I don't found any problem on other maps, just only this map.

I have updated my ticket many times and no one but a bot responded, and all he did was respond to me saying the word " banned" and went on a tangent on how i cant get unbanned, which wasnt what i asked. my pc specs are top tier and it scares me to see ubisoft not dealing with this or taking the map out of ranked if people are having this problem, which i see others posting the same thing.

I would consider myself pretty tech savvy and have reinstalled many times, verified files 10 times, reinstalled battle eye 5 times, updated all drivers on pc, checked how my pc runs other games and they are all fine on ultra, this is just a prime example of ubisoft [censored]. Help fix

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Hey there @Winstonian,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing crashes when playing on the Bravo Stadium map. To attempt to resolve this issue, I'd recommend following all the steps from this article, regarding the troubleshooting of technical issues on PC - as well as these steps to improve the game's performance!

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Hey there @Agent-7-62x35mm and welcome to the Ubisoft Discussions!

I understand you've been experiencing crashes on R6S in a specific map. Please be assured this issue has been forwarded to our dev team, who is currently looking into it. Should they need more information, I will get back to you 😊

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@Winstonian Hello! We've heard back from the team and they would like us to gather some more information to help with their investigation into this issue. Would you be able to provide the Match IDs from when this occurs? Also, could you provide a video showing what happens before the crash occurs? Once you have the video, please upload that to a website like YouTube or Google Drive, and share the link with us here. Thanks!

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@LonelyWith69Ms @Genkotsu11 @ZIrkleon Thank you for letting us know that this has affected you as well. This has been reported and we are still collecting information for our investigation team. If you can help us, please refer to the post from @Ubi-Perseids and we will be able to include your information with our report.

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Hello @Tweezyke,

Thank you for the update and I'm sorry to hear about your experience.

Are you able to provide us with some match ID details, so we can pass them along to the ongoing investigation?

Many thanks and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.