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So today is 3/15/18. 2 days ago, I submitted a support ticket and screenshot explaining how I have the 2018 Invitational charms in my Twitch inventory, but not in my game, and the email ubi support sent me said you should receive your answer within the next 48 hours, again 2 days ago. I haven't gotten a response since. So, how long does it actually take to get a response? Anyone who has gotten an answer I would appreciate it if you would respond. Thanks.
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Hey guys, if you are experiencing long wait times on your ticket, please let our support Twitter or Facebook know so we can look into it.
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Esox_ocnn, issues with tickets are better pushed to Facebook or Twitter since back and forth on the forums isn't always ideal
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Hey unbanaccountplz,

It normally takes 48 hours for a response, but this can be longer during busy periods. I have checked your case and can see it is waiting in a queue.

As soon as there is an available agent, your case will be seen to
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Hey samudralabadri,

As I said above, it can take up to 48 hours for a response but this can be more during busy periods.

Your case appears to have only just been created today, please allow time for the team to get to it.
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Originally Posted by nightflame223
I've noticed ubisoft seems to have an issue with people not getting their stuff after spending money and then the tickets not getting responses. For me I had submitted my ticket and was ask for a receipt so i sent it but i haven't gotten a response in a while now and it's very upsetting .
Can you provide me with the case reference number so I can look into why there may be a slight delay?

If you have already had one reply, and have provided the necessary documentation, this may take some time to look into.
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Hi Piulita09,

Please reach out to us through our Support sites and we can look into this for you, there are different factors we take into account when a player asks for a refund, so we will just need to check your account first and verify your purchase etc.

Please contact us through DM with your refund request and username here -

Facebook Support - https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftSupportUK/
Twitter Support - https://twitter.com/UbisoftSupport

Or log into our Support Site and make a new ticket here -

We will typically aim to respond to you within 48 hours but it may take longer if the case is escalated, thank you
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Originally Posted by Piulita09
I closed the case ,but surprise , my game key was suspended and i was surprised by a trial version when i tried to open the game ,please solve this problem ,i paid for this game and i can't play it ,that's not ok
Hey there.

Your key has been suspended because you've requested a refund which was waiting to be processed until you closed the case. Do you no longer wish to have a refund? Let me know and I can help you with this either way.
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Originally Posted by Piulita09
Hello?Can you help me?
Yep. I've now added the game back to your Uplay library and cancelled the refund request.
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Originally Posted by Piulita09
Thank you . I wish you luck in love!
No worries!
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I greatly apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you've experienced, TheBerserkerr! You can contact our team by logging into support.ubi.com and opening a case. Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible regarding the issue at hand. From there, our technical support team will provide the specialized assistance necessary to get the problems you are facing resolved. If you have trouble creating a ticket, please let me know!
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Originally Posted by Lester1141
Why do listen to eu players but not us like really don’t why u guys are tryna destroy a game that is fun like why are u making ******** to rainbow 6 siege like listen to us the drying real fast u guys should fix it
Hey Lester1141, thanks for reaching out.

Based on your post I understand that you're unhappy with the removal of ACOG and would like it to be brought back. If you do happen to have any more information to this such as the reasoning behind this and we will make sure it gets forwarded to our game team as feedback.

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