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Ever since the start of Operation Solar Raid (6 december) my stats wont get updated anymore from the Playstation 4, with an exeption with weapon statistics which is the only one that still works. With all the others stats, it every time when I check it keep saying "data unavailable using current filters". I dont know if it is because of the cross-play feature that was added and that statistics from specified platforms became aggregated towards console or if its just a bug from the new season.

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Hello FlappHammer, welcome to the forum,

Can I ask what website are you using to track your kills and losses, is it our official stat tracker website - https://game-rainbow6.ubi.com/en-gb/...71/multiplayer

Or another website?
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@d0msyndrome Hi there!

Sorry to hear that you're unable to see any of your stats at the moment.

Just to confirm, are all of your statistics currently showing as 0? Would you be able to share a screenshot with us of what you can see within Ubisoft Connect, so that we can take a closer look for you?

Many thanks.

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@ooloonyoo Greetings. I'm sorry to hear about the stats not updating in Rainbow Six Siege. Would you clarify if this is on the Battle Pass menu or your Seasonal stats?

Please login to the website here and let me know if the stats are also incorrect. Thanks.

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@TR-Lucifer Hello! Welcome to Discussions!

It looks like you're having an issue with CPU usage and Ubisoft Connect. This is something we're aware of and are currently looking into. So that we can help keep everything organized and in one place, please post in the current ongoing thread regarding this issue. We will post any updates we have from the team about this issue on that thread. Thank you!

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Hey @SkyRennie1914

Apologies for the delayed response.

Are you still having issues with your stats?

If so, would you be able to please share some screenshot / video examples of this?

And are you playing on any other platforms too or just PS4?

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Hey @SeniorPepper635

Please can you provide a screenshot showing the data unavailable using current filters message?