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20 Mar

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I don't have any info on Frost at the moment; however, what are some changes you all hope to see with Frost?

19 Mar

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Our 1.1 patches are primarily geared towards fixing any last minute issues that were reported on the Test Server, with larger updates coming as X.2 and X.4 patches.

Fixed - When Operators are prone on their back, the weapon switch animation is faster than intended.

Fixed - All operators have animation issue transition who make them slide when they sprint just after prone position.

Fixed - Operators break collision when vaulting into the broken shelf in Laundry room.

Fixed - Problematic run out/spawn kills via the catwalk in the Motel Parking Lot.

Fixed - Players can rappel through a blocked window on Outback.


Fixed - With the right timing a player can enter and see through a drone that Mozzie just captured.

Fixed - The drone outline for a hijacked drone is not visible behind a Black Mirror or from a Maes... Read more
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Is R6 the only game you're experiencing connection problems with? If so, I'd recommend trying these troubleshooting steps - https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Games/2559

Originally posted by Goyigan

Is there anything in regards to dealing damage to teammates, or is it just killing them?

We're looking into ways to put a stop to the 'chip-damage' style of toxicity as well, but the current Reverse FF system only activates when someone is outright TKed and marked as intentional.

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I'd recommend reaching out to support for help - https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Games/2559

Originally posted by FMW_Level_Designer

Honestly it resolves very little.

It stops a Caviera downing everyone or a nitro cell blowing everyone up but it doesn't solve the most common TK, that being when they TK you once and don't do it to anyone else for the rest of the match.

So far as TK troll squads or salty teammates are concerned, they still get away with a free TK like they could before this update.

Before they would TK once and avoid shooting other players, which is exactly what they will be doing with damage reflection in the game.

It barely does anything to curb the toxicity.

So Ubisoft are basically wasting their time when they could be working on a Halo-eque "Boot for TKing" option instead which actively discourages TKing by having an immediate potential punishment for TKing the first time.

Trying to explain that to community manager was an effort in futility.


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I'd like to think it's a step in the right direction towards addressing toxicity.

We're still working on ways to better address things like TK squads, but putting an immediate kick based on a single TK also leaves an opportunity to abuse and toxicity. As u/ubi-zoro pointed out, accidents happen, especially when you're in-game and under pressure to make split-second decisions and actions.

I saw you brought up the example of running a red light, but there are many signals and buffers in place to help warn you from running that stoplight. Yellow slow-down signs, the red brake lights of cars in front of you, actually seeing and upcoming stoplight many meters in front of you and being prepared for the light to change - you have quite a bit of time to see the signals, prepare yourself, and then begin ...

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Originally posted by rdfiasco

New meta

  1. Kill one teammate
  2. Pick Fuze
  3. Team rushes objective amid active cluster charge
  4. Profit

The enemy can still kill you though. I feel like this would only be viable under extremely special circumstances (or the enemy forgets they are playing the game of rainbow six siege and lets you win a 4v5).

That being said, we're putting it on the TS first specifically to test and see what kinds of things come up. So try the strat out, tell us if it actually works, and leave us your feedback when it comes out on the TS. :D


Originally posted by dexergo

I have a question:

Is it possible that a guy can kill all 4 of his teammates and they keep "Forgiving" him? Will he still get kicked after 2 or 3 kills or will that system be entirely removed?

Like if I'm messing around with my friends, can they keep "forgiving" me while I kill all of them? Will I get punished regardless or no?

Yes, it's possible. If you keep TKing your teammates (who I hope are your friends), and they all mark it as an unintentional TK... then those TKs are not registered under the TK-kick system, and you won't be kicked.

I wouldn't suggest it though, unless you have very good friends.


The goal of this system is to contain the impact of players abusing the friendly fire mechanic, while maintaining a degree of flexibility for accidents. We will collect data and feedback from both ranked and casual playlists on the Test Server, and iterate before releasing it live.

With Reverse Friendly Fire, when a player shoots an ally or the hostage, a warning message will appear on the offending player’s screen. The same will occur if a player uses their unique operator gadget to hurt a teammate (i.e. Maestro's Evil Eye or Twitch's drone).

After a player’s first validated team kill, all further damage inflicted upon teammates or the hostage is reflecte... Read more
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We will be performing maintenance on PC today, March 19th.

PC: 9:00AM EST / 13:00 UTC

Expected downtime: 30 Minutes.

Notes: Deployment of the Y4S1.1 Patch - Full Patch Notes here.
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We can confirm that Rainbow Six Siege does not support CPUs with less than 4 logical cores, which means Dual-core CPUs without Hyper Threading enabled are not supported. Here are the system requirements: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/Faqs/000024358/PC-Requirements-for-Rainbow-Six-Siege

If you are above the minimum requirements and having technical issues, please create a support ticket[support.ubi.com] and attach your DXdiag/MSinfo[support.ubi.com].
... Read more
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Hey Lgm! I'm afraid we only support the forums in English at the moment. If you can translate your message I will do my best to assist you.

A member of the community might be kind enough to help out too, or you can open a support ticket for assistance in your native language here[support.ubi.com].

- Ubisoft Support

18 Mar


Redefining the word "clutch" with this one - clutching onto life until the very last second.

Great play overall~

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Hey KiHeeEsport! Just as Honey Drake has said, your copy of Rainbow Six: Siege requires both Steam & Uplay to play the game.

- Ubisoft Support

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